**tl;dr: Does being removed as a moderator result in an *ineligibility* to stand for election? If so, does the ineligibility apply only on the site(s) where the moderator was actually removed/de-modded, or does it apply to *all* sites?**

How does the moderator restoration procedure relate to a former moderator getting elected or re-elected by a community? I asked this [a while back](https://meta.stackexchange.com/q/334728/336163) and never got an official answer.

The moderator reinstatement process seems to indicate that a favorable result for the former moderator results in *immediate* restoration of their diamond, without any need for an election or even any community involvement at all. Is this intended to imply that the former moderator may *alternately* choose to seek restoration by being elected or re-elected by one of the Stack Exchange communities, or is it intended as the *sole* restoration process and/or a *prerequisite* for becoming an election candidate?

[This](https://meta.stackexchange.com/a/336194/336163) answer asks specifically about a former moderator seeking election on the community that they formerly moderated, but there's also the possibility that such a person might seek election *elsewhere*. The Initiation section of the restoration process states:

> Previous moderators (PM) may request reinstatement through the /contact form on the site that they wish to be reinstated....

Thus, it isn't clear if this reinstatement procedure even *applies* to a moderator seeking election in another community. What happens in that case? For example, suppose I was dismissed as a moderator for cause from Shoes and Ships Stack Exchange. I contribute quietly for a sufficiently long period of time (e.g. at least a year, to allow any possible general site suspension-related bars to expire), eventually deciding to leave my old haunt alone and instead seek moderatorship on Sealing Wax.SE, which I have never moderated before. What happens in that case?

 - Do I have to seek reinstatement on Shoes and Ships.SE before I can stand for election on Sealing Wax.SE?
 - May I just go ahead and run, letting the community determine if I am worthy?
 - Do I have to apply for "reinstatement" on Sealing Wax.SE despite the fact that I have never actually been a moderator there?
 - Do I have to begin a "generic" reinstatement process that does not give me back my original diamond, but restores my ability to stand for election?