Being new to Stack Exchange sites and their ways is fine, we all were at some point.  
You'll do yourself a big favour if you read the tour page and help center of the site you are using.  
You can find links to both of these in the "Help" drop down on every Stack Exchange site :)  


> I wrote another one myself asking clarification on how I should have
> asked the question in order to respect the rules and I didn't get any
> answer
> After that I left another comment asking why my question wasn't
> allowed while there were other similar questions that didn't get
> banned, still no answer.

You seemed to get a lot of good information in that question, on the same day the question was closed.

> closed as **primarily opinion-based**
> Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert
> experience, but **answers to this question will tend to be almost
> entirely based on opinions**, rather than facts, references, or
> specific expertise. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules
> in the help center, please edit the question.

The moderator who closed your question quite politely commented to you at the time of closing your question:  

Canadian Lukeā™¦ Jul 21 at 22:04:  

> HI user, welcome to Freelancing.SE! Unfortunately, this type of
> question (how much do I charge) is quite opinionated, and would vary
> throughout the world, and for your skill level. Because of this, the
> question is getting put on hold. Can you edit to show how this problem
> could be helpful for other people as well, and to maybe find out how
> to charge a good rate given xx skills? Finding a rate after you know
> expenses, costs, profits, etc makes it easier to help. Thanks!

And from user *halfer* the next day:

> Any questions about the going rate for an industry and a level of
> experience are always going to be too localised or opinion-based for
> SE sites. Are there any chat rooms for copywriting specifically? I
> wonder if Reddit would have something helpful? - they have a much more
> free-form chat approach, and so this question might work well there.

So you had about as much explanation as possible in regards to why the question was closed, and info on how to resolve it if possible.  


It can be daunting when new on the Stack Exchange sites, but honestly, if you take some time to learn how the sites work, you will benefit from it greatly. As the fact we close questions of low quality means more likely that when you are searching for an answer, you will get a *quality* question and answer(s), rather than unhelpful ones :)

This is why/how we differ from most other sites, and certainly forums, where chat and distractions from actual info required often occur.


You might also find the [FAQ][1] quite useful.  
It's too much to just read it all, but bookmark the page and search for anything you're not sure about in the future.  
With that, the help center, searching the sites, and tour pages, you should have most of your questions covered :)  

If not, of course always feel free to ask. Best on the [Meta of the site]( in question if possible (the Meta site is for asking questions about that specific site), but if it relates to all sites you can post here :)