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> [Shouldn’t a rep-less newbie at least be able to upvote a good answer to his/her own questions?](http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/1661/shouldnt-a-rep-less-newbie-at-least-be-able-to-upvote-a-good-answer-to-his-her-o)  

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Voting requires 15 reputation.

I think that we should make an exception and allow voting on answers given to your own question.  
Just like a new user can comment on his own questions and answers, he should also be able to upvote his answers.

Otherwise, it will encourage people to ignore questions by new users, especially on low-activity days, so that they can spend their time answering questions with a motivated voter.

It also seems unfair to the users that they cannot reward their answerers (**plural**)  ([Example](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2230641/question-about-windows-events))