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but it improves my knowledge too. Where the down-vote has been explained I've found it useful & it has improved my answer, or forced me to delete the answer if it was totally wrong. So is there any …
asked Jun 28 '09 by ChrisF
I realized something curious recently: that the AJAX backend feature that lets moderators view deleted comments also works for any users with the "access to moderator tools" privilege (10k+ rep on … bug or a feature? According to this old answer, only ♦ mods can view deleted comments. However, that answer was originally written back in 2009, before anyone could view deleted comments, and was …
asked Mar 12 '14 by Ilmari Karonen
), things may happen - users can leave new answers or comments, Community or the author can delete the post, and so on. A responding moderator should be able to take the appropriate moderator action on the … {moderate -> comment}. Diamond moderators should be able to comment on posts that are otherwise locked from comments. When a moderator comments on a deleted post, the comment should generate an …
asked Dec 12 '12 by Thomas Owens
So I recently saw add comment (requires 50 reputation) on a deleted answer. After looking around a bit, it seems to be on all deleted posts now (only deleted posts, normal posts still say just add … Unclickable add comment - probably not ideal Unclickable add comment (disabled for deleted posts) or something along those lines FYI - You may be somewhat confused right about now if you can't see deleted posts yet. …
asked Jul 24 '13 by Dukeling
delete comments? When should comments be deleted? When can comments be undeleted? What are automatic comments? How can I link to comments? Also see the FAQ articles on comment voting and flagging and comment replies. Return to FAQ index … Across the Stack Exchange network you may leave comments on a question or answer. How do comments work? Who can post comments? Who can edit comments? How can I format and link in comments? Who can …
asked Sep 25 '08 by Justin Standard
hours later. What will Alice see? Also: User Alice posts an answer. User Bob comments on the answer. Users Charlie, Dorothy and Ed delete Alice's answer. User Alice checks her inbox a few hours … later. What will Alice see? Are there any specific rules about notifications on deleted message? Will mod♦ comments reach? Will normal users'? Moderators and comment on deleted messages. Will those comments reach the user's notification inbox? How do notifications on deleted posts work? …
asked May 15 '14 by Madara Uchiha
If moderators can view and undelete comments, can we see comments we've deleted? We can see our deleted answers, but why not our deleted comments? …
asked Jul 3 '13 by Cole Johnson
)? We want people to use comments wisely, right? If we just delete them and don't tell anyone, the user may never notice they were deleted. So you succeeded in cleaning up that particular question … remember if I deleted the comment. If it was flagged or a moderator decided to delete it, it would be useful to have some type of accounting for that (especially if I can only see my own) instead of just …
asked Aug 30 '12 by Aaron Bertrand
Moderators can see deleted questions and answers in a user's profile, but there is currently no way for a moderator to see all deleted comments of a specific user. The ability to see the recent … deleted comments of a user would be useful to quickly see certain negative behaviour patterns. One example would be a user that is unnecessarily aggressive or rude in his comments, leading to those …
asked Feb 6 '12 by Mad Scientist
Somebody deleted an answer because of an incorrect comment, and I wanted to put a comment on there telling him that the original commenter was wrong, and that he should undelete his answer (which had … 4 upvotes at the time). I had to edit the answer to put "Why was this deleted?!" to get my message through. …
asked Feb 5 '10 by user130648
comments, are they also kept in the database for the moderators' analysis for various reasons or they are really deleted once we delete them? … Users with rep of 10k or more can see that certain user(s) deleted an answer but of course it is not deleted from the database and is available for users with higher reputation to see. What about …
asked Jun 13 '10 by Sarfraz
I have deleted my comments. Can other users see those deleted comments, for example users with a certain amount of reputation or moderators? …
asked Mar 21 '12 by Kishore Jangid
When I provide an answer on Stack Overflow, it might be incorrect, or OP has further requests, so it could be end up with lots of comments below it. And eventually I deleted the answer for many … reasons. Is it a good practice to delete all my comments? I also tired a couple of times to flag other comments, but they always get "declined" in the flag history. Is it normal? I understand 10k users …
asked Jan 29 '16 by Stickers
Chat rooms that have been inactive for a period of time and which have fewer than 15 messages are automatically deleted. This is a very reasonable thing to do in general, but not when the room was … created to host a conversation that had begun in the comments. When two users exchange too many comments under a post, they are prompted to take it to chat. However, this prompt can appear before …
asked Mar 10 by terdon
As noted elsewhere that comments take up a lot of vertical space and attention on a page. While it isn't costing any more votes on a deleted post, it still is distracting. With comments on deleted
asked Nov 6 '15 by user213963

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