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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system.

terms of service (which is). In short, whatever you've posted here has been licensed under a copyleft license to Stack Exchange, and part of that allows other users to do edits. …
answered Nov 18 '15 by Journeyman Geek
Personally I think to a certain extent the author's voice is essential here. If it's something intensely obscure (like Babylon 5 references) asking for clarification might help find a good common grou …
answered Apr 13 '18 by Journeyman Geek
I've typically taken the other, somewhat more passive agressive approach - letting the user know, via comments that its not cool. I actually think OP was trying to debug his code in the question as h …
answered Mar 6 '18 by Journeyman Geek
Editing a question would likely bump it up the active questions list. That said, this shouldn't be use simply as a way to bump up a question over time. Edits should improve your question …
answered Feb 19 '18 by Journeyman Geek
Please don't - while the ideal is to have the selected answer to be correct, we rarely edit the answers of others and make significant changes. The intent of the person who posted the elected answer, …
answered Mar 23 by Journeyman Geek
really understand how things work to make good consequential edits. Good answers on the other hand, well thought out, and detailed in something you know well, are a better way to get reputation (with a … single upvote worth 5 edits). It'll also let you see what sort of questions are welcome on the site. Kind of ironically, the best way to get out of a question ban, in the bigger scheme of things, is …
answered May 11 '17 by Journeyman Geek
Rollback. Flag (so spamram catches it). Presumably let team smokey know (so smokey catches it)... There's no real dilemma here, though I disapprove of the use of edits as messaging. …
answered Jan 31 '18 by Journeyman Geek
rules. That's to say - trivial edits are more of an issue if they're the only edit made, but if someone fixed Stackoverflow don't touch that ed to Stack Overflow with other useful or substantial edits. I … edits can be made. If this fails, or things get heated, flag and a mod'll probably take a look, and see if there's more that can be done on those posts, and let the editor know where there's room for improvement. …
answered Dec 2 '18 by Journeyman Geek
As a mod ... Probably not that useful as far as typos go. On the mod end a significant number of moderator messages we send are 'default' and unless we forget to suspend someone, we rarely need to res …
answered Feb 11 by Journeyman Geek
To a large extent, we 'farm' out a lot of moderation tasks to the community. In theory the idea behind suggested edits is to let new users get used to edits, with certain restrictions like a minimum … number of characters and review. That said, a lot of the 'design' of edits is designed to give the poster the final say. So, if its a crappy edit, you probably got told there was an edit, and can …
answered Apr 2 '18 by Journeyman Geek
. I'm not a coder - but I do see readability can be improved, and I've made some suggested edits to that effect. What is the point of spending time editing old questions when they won't be …
answered Apr 30 '18 by Journeyman Geek
(and being mindful that sometimes your name is on every single posts for edits). The friction has to be folks thinking "does this help?" and "dangggg... I just flooded the front page" over hard …
answered May 11 by Journeyman Geek
The best time to sort out whether a question is good or bad is before you post it. Editing is always better if you can make edits that don't change its substance (that's to say never ever edit a …
answered Mar 12 by Journeyman Geek
Flag it - usually, on a well run site, a mod will handle it. The problem with edits is it removes the context, especially if there's automated tools (official, and unoffiical) in play. Just flag …
answered Apr 19 by Journeyman Geek
Eh, if you've got the reputation to edit errors like that on your own, it is fine. I do it all the time (and sometimes on sites where I lack the reputation I get someone else to do it). It is a valid …
answered Aug 26 '17 by Journeyman Geek

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