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New users are those users who may be new to the Stack Exchange Q&A format, and generally have a low reputation score, which starts from 1 at the time of registration.

I used to think that Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog's idea of a survey was a terrible idea - it didn't actually fix anything, and I suspect most folks asking off-topic questions here are drivebys. On t …
asked Jan 28 '18 by Journeyman Geek
While I don't speak for the mod team as a whole I like this idea. Considering we're both a techie site, and hoping to serve a wider group of people, and one where I've been pretty vocal about making …
answered Apr 27 '18 by Journeyman Geek
Depending on the site, it's a matter of knowing your audience. I've been experimenting with posting with a secondary account once or twice. Know your audience - make your answers clear and interestin …
answered Sep 29 '16 by Journeyman Geek
I'm...not sure about this. There are a few reasons. Some of the voices I've heard here and elsewhere seem kind of actively hostile towards new users. And, well, at least a few users are probably goin …
answered Aug 20 '18 by Journeyman Geek
We're doing the best with what we have. Quite frankly, there's no great way to deal with this. MSE's a bit of a tough site for folks unfamiliar with the way folks do things, but at the same time, this …
answered Jul 16 '18 by Journeyman Geek
Its worth remembering reputation is an entirely arbitrary number. A higher starting reputation isn't going to help a new user get settled in any way - whether its a free reputation bonus for being new …
answered Nov 16 '17 by Journeyman Geek
I don't really have any statistics (and I'm sure some clever person can whip it up) but considering its on the bottom left. its quite literally the last thing I see. As an experienced user (I think …
answered Oct 16 '17 by Journeyman Geek
You're a new user. We don't know whether you're an acceptable bag of organic meat or a can of processed spam. Upvotable activity determines whether you're a real person or not. 10 reputation is litera …
answered Apr 26 '17 by Journeyman Geek
I don't think these are the right flags here. Practically it makes a ton of sense to give the exact same flag options as a higher rep user Rude or abusive Gets misused as a "This person disagr …
answered Jun 19 '18 by Journeyman Geek
I actually think the problem lies somewhere else - We're looking at a technical solution, that does nothing to actually teach proper use of comments. Comments ought to be rolled into the question, a …
answered Nov 27 '17 by Journeyman Geek
I think there's a clear difference between showing someone's reputation, and wanting to filter all of them out because "They have low rep, they probably can't ask good questions". Rep's shown next t …
answered Oct 20 '13 by Journeyman Geek
As an experienced user - I've had a few benefits - the fact that I grew with the site changes a lot. I can shape what the site is in small and big ways. An experienced user knows how to get help. The …
answered Aug 18 '18 by Journeyman Geek
Oddly enough, the exact same thing came up on my the site I moderate at today and many of the points I made there are just as valid here. I'd start by stating - the downvote popup reads the same ever …
answered Apr 22 '17 by Journeyman Geek
I'm against it being purely automatic but I think a good many of the reasons Yvette has brought up is valid. I'd rather this work like a regular suspension (with mods involved) than a 'silent' questio …
answered Apr 23 '18 by Journeyman Geek
I kind of suspect this is a mix of the system working as designed, and some degree of getting used to 'how we do things' compared to a forum. And really what the user did makes complete sense on a for …
answered Oct 22 '17 by Journeyman Geek

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