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Measurement of a user's contributions to the site, and the extent to which the community "trusts" that user with extra privileges.

Obviously, asking good questions and giving good answers is one of the most important things. Actually, no. High rep is not an indicator of someone being a good moderator. What is? Meta partic …
answered Jul 10 '13 by Oded
If a question is off-topic and doesn't belong on the site, it should indeed get deleted and all reputation removed. Why? It teaches those who ask such questions that they should conform to the site … norms in regards to question quality. It also teaches those who answer such questions that they cannot gain reputation by answering questions that do not belong on the site. If it didn't hurt …
answered Nov 18 '13 by Oded
coming. I don't see that stopping. for existing languages acquiring reputation points is still going to be harder. OK. So? Why is that a problem? There are new languages/whatever that it will not … be. reputation points are a finite resource Well, that's where you are wrong. Hardly finite. there's not enough RP for everyone. I don't know what that even means. …
answered Nov 19 '13 by Oded
Leagues for all stack exchange sites already exist. These let new comers compete on a level pegging on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
answered Feb 4 '12 by Oded
Daily reputation caps. Most of the upvotes on the question probably occurred within 2-3 days, netting a maximum of 600 rep (200 per day). Also see The rep cap is 200 per day, correct? and How does “Reputation” work?. …
answered Dec 18 '12 by Oded
I have asked 10 on server fault, is this the maximum limit ? Do i have to delete my old question so that i can ask new question ? Your account has been automatically question banned on Server Fau …
answered Sep 8 '15 by Oded
Each site is a different community - knowledge of bitcoin doesn't automatically mean knowledge of Android or cooking or chess or... The reputation points you gain on any one community is a proxy to … - we agree with that. This is why we give you an association bonus of 100 reputation points (enough to give you access to most basic actions on a site). This bonus is awarded on all the sites you are active on as soon as you get to 200 reputation points on one of them. …
answered Jul 10 '15 by Oded
Yes. Yes. No, not really. Yes. They dream of electric unicorns. Yes. Doh! (Homer Simpson)
answered Jan 15 '12 by Oded
I will assume that you are talking about your English Language & Usage profile (as it seems to fit the bill). Going to your the reputation tab of your profile there (and checking the "show removed … & Usage and the reputation associated with them is gone, as if it was never awarded. Since the question is about ELU, it does indeed belong on the child-meta, which is likely why it got migrated. …
answered May 17 '16 by Oded
any reputation thay could. Possibly in order to get the association bonus. As for that answer - the question is a bad question and should be closed and deleted. …
answered Jun 14 '13 by Oded
You got it backwards. A user who upvoted some of your posts in the past was removed from the site and the reputation they gave you was removed with the account. …
answered May 16 '12 by Oded
You don't get it back. It is gone as soon as you post a bounty. You are giving up reputation in order for the question to be seen in the "Featured" section. See How does the bounty system work? …
answered Jan 22 '13 by Oded
If down-voter later votes up the answer as part of penitence or something It doesn't work like that. If a downvoter recants, they undo the downvote (+2). If they then upvote, that's a different t …
answered Jun 21 '15 by Oded
Changing such a fundamental thing about how the site operates requires an extremely good reason. Something that benefits the site as a whole, to a great degree. The lack of reputation is not one … such reason - you need to earn the reputation and put in the time in the site if you want to participate in it more meaningfully. The biggest problem with 0 rep loss for downvoting answers is that it …
answered Nov 7 '13 by Oded
There are several ways to gain reputation on Stack Overflow - not all require asking a question. Suggesting edits on posts (questions and answers) can gain you 2 rep when accepted. 5 of those and you have 11 rep :) …
answered Jul 5 '13 by Oded

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