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A request for assistance with one of the site's features, or a question where you're expecting a concrete answer, and not discussion. If your question is not reporting a bug, requesting a new feature, or soliciting opinionated discussion, this tag is probably the right one.

A question is marked as a favorite by clicking the star beneath the vote counter: A number beneath the star shows the number of users who have favorited a specific question. Marking a question …
answered Jun 14 '10 by Grace Note
A rollback involves using a command that is called "Rollback". It shows up when a post that you have edited has the most recent revision by another user. Rolling back will return the post to the last …
answered Jul 8 '10 by Grace Note
When I check the Java tag on Stack Overflow, I see 90,430 questions total. No posts have vanished. However, if I specifically look at the unanswered tab, I report 11,691. It seems that you're just lo …
answered Jan 17 '11 by Grace Note
There are three ways that a comment can get deleted. A user can delete their own comment. A moderator can delete anyone's comments. Any user with at least 15 reputation can flag a comment, and enoug …
answered Jul 25 '11 by Grace Note
Make sure you're using the right recovery service. There's a separate OpenID service we provide than our actual Q&A site accounts. If you had an account from way back, it's likely you didn't create it …
answered Jan 13 '12 by Grace Note
Stack Overflow only gets the Open Source Advertising threads. The new session for the first half of 2013 will be up shortly. It does not receive the same style of Community Promotion Ads that the re …
answered Jan 9 '13 by Grace Note
This may sound really silly, but are you certain you're still logged in? I see what's in your screenshot, but I am not logged in (and don't have an account, anyway). Could that be it?
answered Aug 27 '10 by Grace Note
ChrisF's solution is the cleanest and easiest method, so I recommend using that whenever you can. But if you find yourself needing it for inline code text and can tolerate needing to use <code> tags …
answered Jun 30 '10 by Grace Note
There's only two major rules we have for policy on migration. The one, cited already by Mad Scientist, is Don't migrate crap. Closely related, primarily more of import to moderators who can migrate an …
answered Oct 23 '14 by Grace Note
If you read any of this answer, read this: The formula for the score on the Top Users page looks like "The sum of all values of (upvotes - downvotes) for answers that are not Community Wiki" The …
answered Jun 7 '10 by Grace Note
I'm Grace Note, a Community Manager. Nowadays, the entire point of the "graduation" stage in a site's lifecycle is to identify a site that has enough growing traffic and self-sustenance that it will …
answered May 28 '13 by Grace Note
Super User is our general software/hardware site. It handles Windows, Mac, as well as Unix and Linux. Ask Different is our Apple site, in the same vein as Unix & Linux and Ask Ubuntu are for theirs. …
answered Feb 8 '12 by Grace Note
Actually, while it may be socially disdained by some, having 2 accounts is fine as long as they generally do not interact. Moderators typically merge accounts spontaneously when there is interaction …
answered May 3 '11 by Grace Note
When users are checked before committing a deletion, two things are checked. Well, more than two, but these are two that figure highly into the vote preservation determination. Their reputation level …
answered Dec 23 '14 by Grace Note
How not white? It needs to be visibly distinct. When looking at the ad on a page, the reader should see a very obvious box-shaped thing so that it's very clear "This is an ad, it is not part of the u …
answered Jan 21 '16 by Grace Note

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