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For questions about the /review path where users can view and act on posts by other users that the system thinks may need attention.

I see a "review" link on the top of the page, which takes me to a few "review queues". What is a "review queue"? What are the various queues for? What can I do in each queue? Return to FAQ index …
asked Jan 3 '13 by Manishearth
What is a "review queue"? Review queues contain posts that possibly need community attention, as determined by the system or other members of the community. You are shown these posts, one at a time … , and you "review" them. To incentivize reviewing, there are badges awarded for making a high number of reviews. So, what constitutes a "review"? It depends on the queue. The queues have one …
answered Jan 3 '13 by Manishearth
Review queue audits are now in place. A lot of people are blindly upvoting everything in the queue without even reading the posts, just so that they can get the badges. So, some posts in the review … queue are designed to catch such users, these are known as "audits". You failed too many, so you're review-banned now. If you're in it for the badges/stats, don't participate in the queue. Blindly upvoting/etc is extremely bad for the site. …
answered Dec 14 '12 by Manishearth
conflicting, the number goes higher. This seems to be the case for the other queues as well. (Additionally, I think that a mod-review is binding) So, my question is: what are the criteria for a post to be removed from the various queues? …
asked Jan 19 '13 by Manishearth
I've tried to do a bit of SO reviewing, and I've noticed that the FP queue is almost always empty because there are hundreds of badge-hungry robo-reviewers sitting on it (keep refreshing /review … , I fail to understand what you mean by "deleted in the first posts review queue". There's no option to delete there (unlike the LQ queue which prioritizes the post for 10kers when it gets a delete …
answered Mar 7 '13 by Manishearth
Sub-feature-request Navigating the close menu for dupes is annoying. It AJAX requests every time you proceed to the next stage for dupes, and the other close reasons involve two clicks and a wait. No …
answered Jul 13 '12 by Manishearth
We can add comments inline now, why can't we have inline: Voting Editing Flagging 10k/mod "edit tags"-ing
answered Jul 13 '12 by Manishearth
queue. Which means that the only way to get to them is via the review queue 1 Shog's solution is ideal in this case; let mods view the close queue as a list. (In fact, a list similar to the old flag …
asked Dec 10 '12 by Manishearth
these options with an explanation of what they do in the tips box shown in the review queue, to avoid confusion. But by having people categorize the type of question, rather than what they think should be done with it, we might be able to solve the issue of the LQ queue. …
asked Mar 28 '15 by Manishearth
have no clue why" one). Data collected in this field might lead to further improvements of the audit system as well. While we're at it, why not link to the relevant audits for auto review bans as well? …
answered Sep 7 '13 by Manishearth
recover their status by passing the next few. 1. Other things can add to the suspicion level too, for example when a user makes a review that contradicts the other reviewers, suspicion should increase …
asked Sep 7 '13 by Manishearth
This is probably to make the usage of the buttons clearer. For a newbie, if they saw just an "I'm Done" and "Skip" button on a post that they feel needs no action, they might get confused and skip ("I …
answered Sep 7 '13 by Manishearth
First time I got one, I really didn't like how the audit jumped ahead on first click, either. This could easily be solved by making the audit behave exactly like a normal review, and give you results only after you've clicked "I'm done" or "no action needed". …
answered Jan 31 '13 by Manishearth
It doesn't. Whenever posts are up for review, all eligible reviewers can see them and review them. However, posts get dequeued after a certain number of people have finished reviewing it (usually 2 …
answered May 21 '13 by Manishearth
Should we up- or down-vote on questions that we encounter through the close votes review queue? Of course. If you find a post via the review queue and wish to vote for it, go ahead. And … should voting be available to us through the close vote queue's UI? IMO, we only need down votes in the queue, not up votes. I do agree with Shog that the review process should be as streamlined as …
answered Dec 16 '13 by Manishearth

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