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For questions about the process of editing, how edits work, and other general inquiries about the edit system.

We're all working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about [insert topic here]. Just like real-world books which end up in a library have copy editors to fix grammatical …
answered Oct 17 '18 by Glorfindel
suggested edits, note that the author already gets a notification of a suggested edit on one of their posts, allowing them to take care of it on a short notice. For normal edits, first of all we … 'trust' users with 2k reputation to make good edits (or at least edits which don't make the post worse). If you see a user repeatedly making bad edits, you can flag one of the edited posts for moderator …
answered Mar 15 '18 by Glorfindel
Usually, no. In most cases, they're just noise, like salutations and signatures. Users can already see that a post has been edited, and the revision history shows what has been added after the initial …
answered Jan 29 by Glorfindel
Just my 2 cents: it depends. Sometimes, it's useful to have an analogy/metaphor; those can be a tremendous help in understanding the situation. It's also some kind of 'artistic freedom' we allow our …
answered Apr 13 '18 by Glorfindel
This actually was the old (and IMHO better) situation: (It's not hidden, but grayed out – this answer suggests that it had been hidden in the past as well.) You had to hover over the edit link …
answered Jul 22 by Glorfindel
Let's just treat this the same way as we do with British vs. American (vs. Australian ...) English. User @devinb worded it this way, and I have little to add: At the risk of starting torrents of a …
answered Dec 2 '18 by Glorfindel
active today). In general, I'm not sure if you should be using anonymous edits for this. Yes, you get peer review, but only from 2 or 3 other users; hardly representative for the community. The same …
answered Dec 29 '18 by Glorfindel
Yes, remove your comment. Comments are temporary by design and when they have been addressed, they should be removed. Comments are temporary "Post-It" notes left on a question or answer. Once yo …
answered Jul 1 by Glorfindel
I'm not aware of any functionality in the Stack Exchange UI to get such a list. But fortunately, this is quite easy to get via a SEDE query. This is how the list looks for me, on Stack Overflow: F …
answered Nov 30 '16 by Glorfindel
should be part of an answer (the current answer or a new one). A good alternative is to delete it and post the comment again, this time with the correct link. Edits to comments are only possible by …
answered Jan 8 '17 by Glorfindel
In general, that's not allowed - the OP of the question should not change his/her question in a way that invalidates existing answers. You can rollback the edit (if you have >2k reputation), or sugges …
answered Nov 10 '16 by Glorfindel
Well, you only get +2 reputation after it is approved by other members of the community. This is true for normal edits (for which you don't gain any reputation after reaching 2,000 reputation), for … tag wiki edits (for which the threshold is 20,000), and for Community Wiki edits as well (for which the bar is set at 100 reputation). If you have less than 100 reputation and edit a Community Wiki, it's still going to be reviewed and you gain reputation when the edit is approved. …
answered Dec 10 '16 by Glorfindel
I agree improving grammar and spelling would be beneficial, but it's very hard to automate. Consider the following situations: A question on English Language Learners about the correct spelling of a …
answered Jul 25 by Glorfindel
Stack Exchange doesn't have an built-in picture editor. The best you can do is download the image, edit it in GIMP, Paint, Photoshop, edit the post and re-upload it. If you were not the author of the …
answered Jul 28 '16 by Glorfindel
Yes, comments are meant as temporary notes to the question. Any information in there which is necessary to answer the question should be in the question itself. I'd update the question and post anoth …
answered Nov 20 '18 by Glorfindel

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