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Governing meta for all of Stack Exchange sites. Use this tag to ask questions about this very site, aka MSE.

... Should you wish to do so. The problems facing constructive discussion on Meta Stack Exchange (In which I dispute the premise of this discussion) Down-votes are probably the last thing someone trying … elsewhere, we changed the help page describing meta voting because it didn't accurately reflect reality. For the most part, folks already vote on discussion questions just as they would on any other …
answered Aug 21 '13 by Shog9
the process of meta-discussion invariably turns people away from their shared goals, distracts them from their original purpose, and invites them to fixate on trivialities. Then that old narcissism … in that old blog post you linked: Meta-work becomes a reflex, a habit, an addiction, and ultimately a replacement for real productive work. So you might well ask, if this is so well known - by …
answered May 14 by Shog9
to meta won't find it. That would be bad. We didn't create these meta sites so that a handful of old-timers could sit in a smoky back room and bitch about the newbies; it's supposed to be the place … know ahead of time if that concern is warranted. We're now linking to meta from three different locations on every page: the Site Switcher, the Help menu, and the footer. Each of these locations …
answered Dec 5 '13 by Shog9
First off, an explanation of the two status tags: Declined: We won't remove the q-ban entirely. See below. Completed: We already suspend actively harmful users manually, and will continue to do so. …
answered Sep 17 '13 by Shog9
As of right now, this is done: the "vote down" privilege is awarded at 100 reputation here on Meta Stack Exchange. This should allow folks with the association bonus - or those who earn 100 …
answered Oct 21 '16 by Shog9
There will always be rumors, speculation, fond wishes and hopes... But we're about problem-solving here, so let's look at the actual problems: Meta sucks for extended discussion This is less of … someone, this tends to work far better than a traditional forum anyway. Meanwhile, the unsuitability of Meta to discussion helps keep threads on controversial topics under a manageable length. The need …
answered Feb 14 '12 by Shog9
Disagreement is something that should be encouraged, not suppressed. I agree! Therefore, your suggestion that those who disagree with you should be suppressed is denied.
answered Oct 31 '12 by Shog9
setting has never been changed for anything but child meta sites before, and the code made a few crucial assumptions along those lines. So a little bit ago, Nick decided to actually make it work by … simply doesn't exist here on good ol' Exceptional Meta. This too is now fixed. For the next day or so, we'll keep the reputation required to post here at 2, thus requiring anyone wishing to …
answered Apr 21 '16 by Shog9
This touches on something that's been discussed a lot over the years, both here on meta and internally within the company. It's a complicated topic; it's got layers. I'll try & cover it fairly here … caused by seeing some user you've never heard of is doing something that only an employee can do: posting announcements on meta with 1 rep, status-tagging bug reports, sharing internal goals or strategies …
answered Aug 2 '17 by Shog9
Unless you need it, don't use it. If you need it, don't worry about it. The example that prompted this didn't need it - the vulgarity in question was plainly visible in the edit the OP linked to! An …
answered Mar 20 '13 by Shog9
Not anymore. We can now selectively feature select, network-relevant discussions on MSE on the entire network via the Community Bulletin Board with the featured tag. They shouldn't appear in the hot l …
answered Apr 17 '14 by Shog9
Undeleted. There's a very good argument to be made for shedding bits of SO history like so many dead skin cells as we move forward, but that question's classic comedy gold - you don't ever shed your n …
answered Feb 23 '12 by Shog9
For the past week, the average handling time for "other" flags raised here is about 2 days. But, that varies a lot. Here's a scary-looking box plot for the past year: A lot will depend on what you …
answered Sep 13 '18 by Shog9
It would belong here on meta. All questions about, concerns with, support for, discussion of, and odes to Stack Overflow are off-topic on Stack Overflow, but can be posted here. That said, normal …
answered Jan 20 '13 by Shog9
I've labored to produce a comprehensive rulebook. Please do not be intimidated by its length; I assure you, every rule exists for good reason: Rules of use for the Stack Exchange Sandbox Rule Numbe …
answered Mar 29 '18 by Shog9

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