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Moderation tools (/tools on a site) are available to users with the required reputation (10,000 on sites with full requirements).

The 10k tools are a set of pages which users with 10,000 ("10k") reputation points get access on sites with "full" privilege requirements (Stack Overflow and other large sites). On public beta sites and full sites with "beta" requirements, 2,000 reputation is needed. On private beta sites, 1,000 reputation is needed.

They can be accessed by going to /tools on the site (e.g. A link to this page is in the review queue dropdown and review home page, and these tools are documented on the relevant privilege page.

Examples of tools available include lists of posts with extreme votes, posts with delete and undelete votes, recently deleted and undeleted posts, posts with close and reopen votes, recently closed and reopened posts, recently protected questions, new tags, migration stats, and others. These essentially serve as a "birds-eye" view of the site allowing better moderation.

For the following other privileges given to 10k+ users, use these tags instead of this tag: