Well, I am generally researching X-ray tomography. I went to the lab to ask them if I could put a cheese in one of the machines, but they are not cool with it.... So I simulated an X-ray machine on the cheese and reconstructed the result for better analysis. I used MATLAB and the TIGRE toolbox*. Cheese generation: %% Create cheese % First we create a ...


Here's a clock that will never overflow, the Stack Overflow Binary Clock™: This is basically a binary clock based on the Stack Overflow logo. This clock is ideal for all programmers, because (a) we speak binary and (b) it uses the Stack Overflow logo. I wrote the code myself using RxJS, since reactive programming is hot nowadays. The snippet can be found ...


Well, it's gouda you guys to do this, but I'm sure that it will grate on quite a few people. I would proceed very caerphilly with this proposal. Or, on the other hand you could just sit back and have morbier and watch the curds fly. I would like to offer this advice, because if this really blows up, all that will be left is de brie, and nobody wants that. ...


How about some StackExcheese? Modeled in Blender rendered with Cycles with fully procedural textures (no images harmed during the rendering of this 3D model). In the Portuguese language there is a common traditional saying that eating a lot of cheese makes you forgetful, so stick around and restore some knowledge from the vast sea of Q&A sites. I do ...


Here's me talking about cheese AND cheese boards over a year ago to a user named @CHEESE. Destiny much? -drops mic-



Behold: stackoverflow's famous feature countdown clock!


I've moved some cheese!


Stop Moving My Cheese Run this stack snippet and try to get the cheese with your cursor. var showAlert = true; $('#cheese').on('mouseenter',function(e){ $(this).animate({ 'left': getRandomInt(0, $(window).width() - $(this).width()), 'top': getRandomInt(0, $(window).height() - $(this).height()) }, 500); showAlert = true; }); $(...


tl;dr - just watch the video - I'm a big fan of the ending! Cheese Overflow (not at all deliberate...) I once entertained* my girlfriend in a park in Denmark with a reasonably accurate rendition of all of the collected works of Monty Python's Flying Circus (we did have to wait many hours for the next ferry back from Esbjerg to the UK) The only one she ...


I'm resurrecting the creation I made quite some time ago for an answer to a PPCG post, as it seems quite a good fit to this celebration. It is a digital clock design made on Conway's Game of Life (you know, with gliders and stuff). Here is what it looks like: You can run the simulation and get the details of the design from here. Take the time to watch ...


I'm a big fan of things I can wear or use in front of other people, to get both the utility and the chance to prompt questions that can start a conversation. I make a point of wearing my various SE shirts when traveling, for example (airports are full of random people, after all). Shirts aren't the only thing in this category, though. I'd love an SO-...


Sniff, sniff. Shog's nose wrinkled. The unthinkable had happened. Someone - and he knew exactly who it was - had just cut the cheese1. He had been calmly sitting in his office, working - the folks over at Cooking.SE were having a bit of a salty2 discussion on meta - when someone in the office had released a foul, lingering odor. And since he worked from home,...


Plush unicorns! People on meta have asked for the Stackicorn in the past, have even expressed willingness to pay for it if only you'd make them. Bonus: in the future you might be able to print different "shirts" (say, for different sites) or add other decorations.


Perhaps it would be prudent at the end of this, the Stack Overflow Decade, to look back into the mists of time to see what was seen by those who came before. And so, I give you: A Visual Retrospective With great thanks to archive.org. Now, in the time before time, when the great barren chaos ocean of the Internet heaved up HTTP Response 302 - http://...


It's closing time.


A mouse dreaming of the cheese-filled moon Made from heavily modifying and combining elements of several royalty free images, this mouse is longing for a taste of the cheese that the moon is obviously made of. As a disclaimer, I am allergic to cheese... but I like Photoshop and SE so all is good :)


A cheezy freehand circle for you :)


A time machine, you say? Well how convenient. I just so happen to have found one of those lying around this morning... and a sea unicorn, whose friend is missing somewhere in the depths of time! Sounds like a rescue mission is in order... In he goes. It's not going to be an easy mission. After much waiting... and waiting... and whirring and clunking and ...


A Stack Overflow-branded rubber duck would be nice, preferably a fully-functioning one (i.e. it floats on water). (The Quack Overflow feature was presented on all sites in this calendar year.)


Have some easy-to-code cheese! With some work and toil, I've found some plain cheese, It'd bring me delight, if you'd use some of these. Should you want with strength, a password or three, I'd strongly suggest, using cheese ASCII! ___ _____ /\ (_) \ / \ (_, _) _\ _ \ / (_)\_( )____\ \_ / _ ...


An overflow of cheese?! You gotta brie kidding! This is gonna be grate. I tried to make it as gouda as possible, and it ended up being made swiss love. A holy rendition of our most sacred symbol. Say cheese! ;) And, if you were thinking, "ricotta try this!", here is a platter straight from the block.


Hoodie or Jacket I know a lot of people have asked for hoodies and jackets in the past. If those are available again, I think they would be very popular.


STOP! Look and listen! This was a quadruple cheeseburger with extra bacon, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. This food has severe culinary issues. It is fattening nonsense, oversized, Spam-packed, blatantly unhealthy or otherwise irredeemable - connoisseurs will find it disgusting or repulsive rather than tasty. Please throw ...


It's time for chrono-ception! Chronos is the God of time in Greek Mythology in the pre-Socratic era. Since I am also in the pre-Socratic badge era, I thought I should pay my tribute to Chronos: For, that I used this ASCII art to get a picture of Chronos itself, and then measure the time needed for C++ to display that image in the browser with the standard ...


Oh Dair-y and Holey Cow!. What did y'all think? Let's start with the hardest task? Oh well. I started my cheesy queste here and from there it all went rolling down hill. I'm personally most fond of soft cheeses, but I make an exception for hooks. I'm also very fond of crochet hooks. But what's a better entry for a digital cheese competition than a perfect ...


Ready for a Stackoverflow cheesy riddle? (Hint: Feta pH usually ranges from 4.4 to 4.6): Live Demo Or, view it below: $(function() { $('#slide').click(function() { if($("#answer").val() != 4.4) { $('#slide').text("Try again.."); return; } $('#slide').hide(); setTimeout(hide_puzzle, 500); ...


I've been watching responses come in that use ASCII art and thought it was about time to up the stakes. Here's an ASCII rendering of the swag, with a difference... To see the difference, you'll need to paste the whole thing into your favourite online Brainfuck interpreter (this one will do). I made the tool that does this many, many years ago. I was young....


Clock Lobster! (with apologies/thanks to The B-52's) A punctual crustacean alternative to the usual rubber duck, done up in Stack Exchange shades of blue! There's even a crochet pattern to make your own! Just like StackExchange, it's fun for programmers and non-programmers alike ;)

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