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Is the revenue made by the Amazon Affiliate link rewriting enough to offset the costs of maintaining it?

Update as of October 4th, 2019: To follow up on this, Amazon link rewriting has been disabled across the entire network. – Nick Larsen Original answer (November 2018): I can't speak to the actual ...
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Best Stack Exchange site for asking about Amazon AWS

I've started an AWS Q&A site proposal at Area 51; any help with the definition phase would be warmly welcome.
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Amazon links are broken network-wide

A fix for this has been deployed.
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Auto-inserting Stack Overflow affiliate into all Amazon links

It's your right to do that, but if you rewrite links in CC-BY-SA licensed content it would be better to indicate explicitly that there was a modification. Doing so is mandatory under CC-BY-SA 4.0 (but ...
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Amazon onebox thumbnail picture is broken

The problem is that the image address is rendered as //images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/..., but that server does not serve unsecured images. The OneBox rendered link doesn't specify a protocol, so it ...
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How much revenue does Stack Exchange make by auto-inserting affiliate ID into all Amazon links?

According to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ they make up to 10% of the money spent on the purchase, but only if Amazon considers it to be a "Qualifying Purchase". I don't know if that's what is ...
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Amazon links to item listings and promotions become broken in posts

This seems to have been fixed. Here's the link in the first line above: notice that it's now a direct link to Amazon, rather than rewritten through the SE ad domain. (As animuson noted, this bug only ...
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