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I Support this Choice I for one think it's time the site starts to mirror the appearance of other sites with equally useful information, like Buzzfeed and the Gawkster of yore. They're not corporate overloads, they're concerned father figures looking out for our digital Fatherland.


Question. This was probably discussed in some sliver of the previous threads; you'll have to pardon me for not trawling through them, and for not keeping track during the beta process (which would have been pointless as, like most other SE users, I'm not active enough on MSE to give this a meaningful shake here). In a thousand words: i.e., weren't the ...


feature-request It doesn't seem possible to rename custom filters atm?


feature-request Please add the ability to weed out closed (and, ideally separately, duplicates) from these custom lists.


bug feature-request Where can I find this fabled UI?! Here’s what my home page looks like: I may be blind, but I simply can’t find a relevant button or link to get to the filters UI. … “obviously” I have to click on the ‹🌎Stack Overflow› item in the menu. Except that it’s anything but obvious, and in fact I never click on this link. I found out that ...


bug The tabs on the homepage of the sites still say "Featured" instead of "Bounties" like they do on the tag and all questions pages. This needs updating to say "Bounties" to stay consistent with the new wording.


support I'm trying to create a custom filter to look at non status-tagged bugs and feature-requests, but it seems there's no way to combine two tags then universally exclude a third (or fourth etc) tag. In other words, 'not' tags are only applied to the last included tag. For example, I'm getting status-completed feature requests using the below: I've ...


I'm rather on the fence with this one. On one hand, at work I block all ads and trackers, no exceptions. This is for security reasons as well as to prevent ridiculous unethical ads. And I only use SO at work, so in essence I will never see the ads. (and if I do, I will manually block each one) On the other, at home, I generally wouldn't mind ads, as long ...


feature-request I like the idea of adding a minimum score to the filter. That way I don't have to look at questions that already have a -1 or -2 score, but can still sort by date or another property.


feature-request I want to use the filter by "date" (created:) option.


feature-request Can we have the New tab not be in the “More” bar? It is a great tool for finding some of the best and most interesting questions on sites.


feature-request Why does the "Save custom filter" button only work after "Apply filter" has been clicked? IMO, I should be able to save the filter anytime.


feature-request Could we get the sidebar component on all the individual question pages instead of only on the front page and question list. As it is now, we have to go back to the frontpage after visiting a question. Another place to show the custom filters could be shown is the left side navigation which has plenty of free space.


If you were to have ads, I would like them to be designed to the same look and feel of the Stack Exchange network. Ads are designed to pull our attention away from what we want to see. Also to prevent these ad exchanges from buying the slot to resell.


First of all, great work with this custom filter addition. I don't know if this has been answered or not (I could not a find a reference to this on this question and its answers): When searching for questions I can exclude duplicate and closed ones (link to search page ) ...


feature-request Persist the sorting criterion Apparently, choosing a custom filter criterion gets saved somewhere such that a later visit will use the same filter. However, when choosing More -> Votes, that does not happen.


bugfeature-request Can we have the bin / edit icons for the custom filters besides the filter all the time? The first time I saw the menu I was confused, how do I edit / delete this filter? Then I got told to look on the right side of the screen. Indeed the filters are there, but I still have to click to show the bin / edit icons, then select one of the ...


bug Using a - to exclude a tag searches for not instead, meaning I have to type the entire tag without autocomplete:


support When there is no filter added, I can see the following text under the custom filters section. Save custom sorting & filtering for easy access. The term sorting means what? What kind of custom sorting it referred?


bug (maybe?) When I select to filter by “No accepted answer”, the resulting filter says it is displaying “questions with no upvoted or accepted answers”. But I did not ask for questions without upvoted answers, and filtering those out makes the filter really not that useful to me. Can we please split that up in two options? No accepted answer No upvoted ...


feature-request Can we have an option to sort by view count? I like answering popular questions (if possible) that would benefit most people (not only active SO members).


feature-request add a default name when saving a custom filter. In lots of cases, I think this will be easy to generate, like "Python questions with no answers". In hard cases (e.g., lots of tags), fall back to no default.


feature-request This is an updated version of a request I posted on the original announcement (but I failed to explicitly tag it FR, so perhaps it was overlooked). The first set of filter options includes "no answers", "no accepted answer", and "has bounty". All of those are useful. There is an additional item I'd like to see in this list: "no answer by ...


feature-request If there aren't any bounties currently offered, it would be nice if the "0" wasn't so . . . emphasized. Here's what the tabs look like on Worldbuilding right now, where there are no active bounties: The bright "0" draws my eye too it pretty quickly, especially given the plain white background. It's great if the number's in blue if there are ...


feature-request Can we have an option to sort by [newest posted answers]? Reason: A new answer to an old (say >48h) question gets lost in the sort by activity when it is followed by edits to the same post and/or other posts.


bug rant The filter does not work if you only want to NOT see tags. For example, try making a filter for “not [the-phantom-menace]” on M&TV. It doesn’t work and you are just sent back to the page with no tags being filtered. This prevents filters from properly emulating ignored tags when you have no watched tags. I rarely watch tags, but I often ...


feature-request Please can you add support for saving the filter ( [python-*] ) -[python]. It's a fairly strange filter, as it gets all [python-*] tags except ones tagged with [python]. It is very useful on Code Review as ~30%, when I checked, were improperly tagged and this makes it easy to find and fix them.


support There are two spaces in between the "and" and "not" in the filter title. Is this the expected behaviour or a bug?


feature-request The list of filters is automatically sorted by name in ascending alphabetical order. Can we keep those filters on our customized order? For example (see below), I always want to keep the SQL filter in the top of the filters list. Currently there is no way to keep our customized filter order.


Please consider rethinking your strategy. There seems to be a push for monetization currently going on at Stack Exchange. A few examples of this: leading to a sales page for unauthenticated users. The countless UI changes and call to actions aimed at peddling Stack Overflow Teams. Stack Overflow Jobs. And now this. It's gotten to a point ...


Guideline proposal Static advertisements: only a raster image (or vector inlined in a data URL to avoid code execution), with an https link openable on click, in _blank target and with an explicit warning. Upvote and downvote buttons for each ad, one of the major and most useful features of the network. Report button allowing to specify a message, avoiding ...


In order to display ads on my computer (i.e. be whitelisted in uBlock Origin) you must adhere to minimum standards for ads. No animation/video No cookies No JavaScript code No tracking/ping backs No slowing down page loads No more than 10% of the screen space "Report ad" button next to each one No NSFW content Guarantee that any damage caused by your site (...


I would suggest to create some network-wide "reduced ads privilege" for your most active contributors. Actually, I see your ads only rarely (if my adblocker needs some tuning). However, many of your worthy contributors won't do that. I suspect, you don't want to lose them.


I wouldn't mind (non-animated static picture) ads at all. But I don't like tracking. That's why I use uBlock Origin. It's not to block the ads themselves; it's to block Google or whoever from following me everywhere I go. Perhaps you could sell your own ad space directly instead of outsourcing it to a third-party network? Stack Overflow is big enough ...


bug The advertisement in between the post is hidden when the zoom size is increased more than 100%. But the advertisement in the side bar is not hidden for the 100%+ zoom. Also, when reduced the zoom size it is displaying the advertisement in between the post and the side bar. As I aware Stack Exchange is not supporting other than 100% zoom. But displaying ...


Please block ad-blocker users, but allow them to pay for the service (costing no more than fixed subscription costs + average advertisement income) if they don't want to see advertisements. That way the rest of us won't see more ads to pay for their access to the SE services and you actually provide a solution for those who are unhappy to see advertisements ...


I think it is a good idea if it puts food on the table. Just get the user feedbacks and implement this properly.


Everyone keeps talking about animated ads and video ads, but I haven't seen any mention yet of a far more important topic: JavaScript in ads. Simply put, there is no legitimate reason for it to exist, but plenty of illegitimate ones. We've already seen malvertising showing up on Stack Exchange ads. So far, it's been limited to browser fingerprinting, but it ...


I haven't seen anyone bring the following up: Please do not have ads on beta sites. These have enough problems as it is getting a community going. Until a site is graduated, it should be spared (non-community) ads.


All of the content on this entire network is provided by users, not by the owners of the website. You are talking about taking content provided free of charge by site members; placing adverts upon it to annoy casual users and contributing members alike; and pocketing the money. That is, at the very least, unethical. If you allow animated adverts and ...


Please avoid using animated ads and video ads. They kill my cell phone's battery, as well as being annoying.


If you wish to report an advertisement, please take a screenshot of the ad and paste the URL (if possible) along with the site where you saw it to a comment or answer. I'll report it to the ads team and we can track it down to investigate. Were any engineers involved in the discussion about how to report ads? Why don't you have a proper "Report This Ad" ...


We've received reports ... We've also received reports ... This is a big problem. Start taking some responsibility of the content posted on your site, before it goes onto the site. As a publisher, you are already legally responsible for it, so it will actually be in your own best interest to spend a minimum of effort into reviewing advertisements.


I don't have a problem with ads in general. But I see that animated ads are being allowed. Animated elements of any kind make the web cognitively inaccessible for people with visual processing difficulties. Specifically, it violates WCAG success criterion 2.2.2 by including auto-moving elements that can't be paused by the user. What happened to your stated ...


At least allow the current reduced ads privileges to continue operating The people who generate the content that generates ad revenue shouldn't be subject to the same level of ads. Don't block adblock users I know I personally will delete my account if that becomes a thing (especially if uBlock even can't get around it :-) ). Glaring at you APKMirror. I'm ...


The value in Stack Exchange, is its contributors. So Stack Exchange seeks to punish its contributors with ads? How is this a "good thing"? How is this the best way to generate revenue?


My two cents. No animated ads. If I see an animated ad on a site, I turn on my ad blocker; you lose. I don't care which site I'm on, I'm still the same me. So this "targeted ads" thing means little to me. No matter if I'm on scifi.SE or on SO, an ad for the latest novel by GRRM has the same impact on me. Similarly, ads for coffee or beer only depend on ...


May I make a suggestion? We should use feedback in our ads from the Coalition for better ads. I think we should avoid these kinds of ads: And use more these kinds of ads (in green):


I am more worried about the next move. OK, you have realized that your current buziness model is not so efficient and you need ads to make the sites running. I am not an expert and I should leave the technical complaints to the more qualified people. Some may even feel sympathetic and support this decision. Personally, I'll use my precious ad-blocker ...

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