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Its worth remembering the goal of posting an answer is to share knowledge I sometimes use humour in my posts - but I always try to remember that that needs to serve answering the question. Its tempting to be too clever but you're not as smart as you ever think you are. When in doubt of how its going to be taken - its worth taking a fully serious, to the ...


From a random internet dictionary: Facetiousness is a quality of joking around, or treating serious subjects in a humorous way. Your facetiousness might make it hard for your friends to take you seriously. A stand-up comedian's facetiousness can be seen in her tendency to be sarcastic, or to playfully joke about serious issues. The facetiousness of ...


If you want just a hint, not a complete solution, just state so in the question. Other users don't know you want just a hint until you tell them; most users are looking for complete solutions (up to the point where Math.SE has a special close reason for problem statement questions without context, but I digress ...) I can imagine that there are still users ...


Link-only answers don't stop being link-only answers if the link is local. All of these considerations still apply, particularly: The reader has to click the link to even find out what shape the answer takes. The target could no longer be there. You don't have to reproduce the content of the link, but you should provide enough of a summary that if the ...


Yes. Too Broad is often applicable for questions with a very broad range of different answers. In some cases (I'm not sufficiently familiar with the topic to comment on your example) the issue may be that the question is lacking sufficient clarifying information to actually know what the problem is, causing people to post lots of different guesses, so ...


Badges are never directly awarded by users. They're only extremely rarely awarded by staff and that's only in special situations (Not a Robot, for example). The only real way we have to "thank" someone is through bounties. That said, you note that it seems inappropriate to bounty this specific answer as it is outdated and the bounty will only draw ...


If an answer that is just a link to another answer on the same site is sufficient to answer the question, then the question is a duplicate of that question. If the question is a cross-site duplicate, then it's better to just mention that in a comment (linking to the proper place) and not answer.


This has been status-completed 6-8 years ago: To see your own ones (faster than auditing your reputation), just follow this link:

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