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Ban ChatGPT network-wide

Sadly, this got another major hit, probably the final blow: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content? In short, moderators are no longer allowed to suspend users when they suspect the ...
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When does misinformation "harm democratic institutions"?

I can think of several examples in the recent past where disinformation campaigns based on false claims were deployed to sway public opinion. Many of these were perpetrated by various factions within ...
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Question already answered by a comment

People shouldn't be answering in comments. I'd actually take the opportunity to post a full answer and closing the loop as far as the question goes, rather than leaving the answer to languish in the ...
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Is it okay to upvote answers posted in comments?

I don't see any problem with upvoting answers posted as comments. If there are a lot of comments, it can make it stick out more. But we want answers in answer posts- not in comments. So you did good ...
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Is it okay to upvote answers posted in comments?

Comment upvotes don't have much value; they don't award reputation, and there's only a single one-time badge that can be earned for posting comments that get upvoted. The only real effect they have is ...
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