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Could/ should we add an answer-ranking system beyond standard votes?

No, thank you I respect what you're asking for, but if you think it through, you're asking for two things: A way of promoting the best answer to the top of the list. A way of rewarding respondents ...
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Some questions about search

I want to search questions answered by me and some another user. How to do this? I don't see an "and" operator. This is not possible via normal search, so you have to resort to tools like ...
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Why can new users only answer every 30 minutes?

It helps to limit spammers who would like nothing less than to post spam much more quickly than every 30 minutes. It is easier to clean up one spam post than 10. Also some people just don't quite get ...
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How can we identify ChatGPT-generated posts?

In the beginning of 2023, a student created GPTZero as a personal project: An app that can quickly and efficiently detect whether an essay is ChatGPT or human written Looks like it can still be ...

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