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No. Unicoins are absolutely serious. They'll be used to buy rep in the future. Also, any answer about unicoins is guaranteed to receive at least 16.66 upvotes within one hour and 99.99 within one day.


Although the page footer saying Best viewed in Netscape 3.0 StackExchange websites can't really be opened by Netscape 3 due to unsupported algorithms for TLS.


I find your lack of <blink> tags </blink> disturbing.


It appears to be a mechanism to confuse newbies and make them feel unwelcome.


We do have Unicoins in China :) This commemorative coin, the coin of Qilin, is issued by the Chinese central bank in the year 199x. 麒麟(Qilin, or Kirin) is a Chinese mythical chimerical creature, sometimes known as the Chinese unicorn. But the creature on the coin is apparently more like a western unicorn.


I made a userscript to keep this amazing theme all the time. Get it on Stack Apps: 2019 April Fool's Day Retro Theme, or below: // ==UserScript== // @name Stack Exchange 90's theme // @namespace // @version 1.4 // @updateURL // @...


It is an April fools bot of course.... "Expert: Hello, how can I help you today? User: Proof that you are a human and not an April Fools bot. Expert: Oh right, it's April 1st today. I'll have to quit the internet for today. I don't have any humor. User: Do you think you can pass a CAPTCHA? Expert: Yes. User: To prove that you're a ...


Just preparing a list of what the powers actually do: Guaranteed answer: The guaranteed answer power gives you one of the following answer with the post's reputation be a constant π. (click on the Power for more options): Helpful: You should divide the problem into smaller parts and solve each one individually. If you then combine the all the small ...


You forgot to hook up dependency injection correctly. You need one of these:


Had Stack Exchange (and all the supporting infrastructure) been around in 1998, the 'Y2K bug' would have been a flash in the pan. Q: Why does my system crash? Response: Question closed for lack of research. Then again, maybe not. :P


I have only one thing to say: KEEP THE GUESTBOOK! I mean, who wouldn't want to tell the world "OMG HAHAHA"?


Code Golf has won the game Yeah. Code Golf is the winner of Stack Egg and can now enjoy the rest of the day basking in the admiration of the Stack Exchange network. We are as surprised as anyone that the game is over even before April 1 reached the timezones of most users, but the facts are undeniable. Well done Code Golf Stack Exchange! (Note: the network ...


This is indeed very mysterious. Jeremy Banks pointed out the following little snippet in $.post("/clippy/get?id="+ So I decided to try /clippy/get?id=1 and received: "It looks like you're trying to reverse-engineer the clippycorn. You're not getting any help with that." Edit: I'm making some ...


Here there's an autominer (function uniMine() { $.getJSON('/unicoin/rock', function(data) { setTimeout(function() { $.post('/unicoin/mine?rock=' + data.rock, {fkey: StackExchange.options.user.fkey}); }, 10000); }); setTimeout(uniMine, 11000); })();


The moment I visualized millions of intellectual minds breaking stones for unicoins (unicoins?) the realilty dawned upon me that this must be absolutely legit. . . .


I love this - the only thing I'm really surprised at is the seeming omission of the visitor counter. How are we to know how many 1337 h4xx0rs have visited each page??? But this is great - reminds me when Geocities was the pinnacle of what the Internet had to offer :) Edit: Well, silly me. I didn't see it by the OP, I was expecting to see it at the bottom ...


It's a slightly freaky April Fools joke. I picked up on my third response that it's just a funny trick. If you ask the right questions you can actually have a conversation with the 'expert', must be quite an interesting algorithm. It 'breaks' when you mention April Fools a few times though


Just tried it on my i486DX with dial-up and Mosaic-browser and it looks as expected. The only downside was that I had to wait for 27 minutes for the page to load.. ;)


This is great! But I'm having trouble with one thing -- your frames aren't adjustable! I tried and tried and I couldn't get the controls to pop up over the division between the left and right frames. Also, isn't there supposed to be a line between them?


Stack Exchange, Inc, has released a new digital fiat currency for today's information warrior: Unicoin ₰ Jeff and Joel set out to make an "information exchange", where knowledge experts could openly trade information, because they knew that one day information would be of such inestimable value that by mining it from the world's experts, they would become ...


It is not exactly a feature but is a merely a legend (I don't have a better word). They basically want you to listen to your self twice and they believe that you will have your answer sometimes in the question itself. Go to Confused Retriever for more info. So why a rubber duck? According to wikipedia A rubber duck in use by a developer to aid code ...


First of all, you need two versions of this page: "Under Construction" should be a link leading to an empty page with the following information: Also, each page must have this gadget with as many digits as possible: The number should increment on every page refresh. And don't forget to add this:


Classic beginner mistake. The code hasn't been run. So, hold the mug and run ... perhaps to the pantry, where the coffee is.


This will no longer work, the adviza server is no longer running Found this in the code: // Yes, dear person reading this, there's a secret trigger. But you'll have to // work a little bit to find out what it is. Challenge accepted So, here's a surefire trigger, that ought to work for a few days (until the code is pulled, which it probably won't be for a ...


Your computer checked Wikipedia and XKCD and discovered that "half full" and "half empty" mean the same thing. Now if 0.5*full = 0.5*empty then full = empty So your code made the cup empty, on the assumption that that was the same as making it full.


You can create a javascript script to automatically mine unicoin. Here is how.(Note:This answer is an update from alias1): got to stackoverflow webpage. open javascript console. ie press F12. then define this in your Javascript console:: function minec(){ $.getJSON('/unicoin/rock',function(data) { setTimeout(function(){ $.post('/unicoin/mine?...


If they were just changing their name and Gravatar, then as long Jon Skeet himself doesn't complain about it and they change their names and Gravatars back at the conclusion of the day, I really don't see anything wrong with it. It's the fun of the day. However, copying his age, location, website, and complete bio to their own profiles? That's pushing the ...

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