For questions about the various April Fools pranks that Stack Exchange implements. Please check if your question has already been asked first!

No, this is not a tag for anyone to come along and post their own April Fools pranks, jokes, or other random things on April 1. This tag is specifically for the things that Stack Exchange itself implements to celebrate April 1st, or suggesting ideas for them to implement on the next one.

There's only one April 1st per year, and chances are that if you're coming here on that day with a question about some absurd new feature, it's probably already been discussed. Please look at the newest questions for the tag before asking your question.

List of pranks and related tags:

Tags typically created around April Fools Day of the year they correspond to:

A 2020 prank was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, though the day was used to promote the rollout of the new dark mode feature on Stack Overflow.