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This should correct itself within the next hour as cache expires. We have logic where if we don't specify a content folder for a site, it uses the site type to select the folder. Unfortunately, new logic was inserted above that which checks a new database location for the folder and if that fails sets it to stackoverflow, killing the rest of that logic. I'...


We had to make changes to the Google Analytics API keys we use, and kind of forgot about Area 51 there. It should be up to date again, though. Thanks for the report!


Home Improvement or DIY has many appliance questions. Of the 12 most popular, fewer than half are about operating: 5 operating questions 5 installing questions 2 repairing questions That's plenty. So go ahead and post an appliance question there. In 2019 there are 368 questions about refrigerators.


Not speaking English should not be a reason for your concerns not being taken into account. That's true, but the problem with stating your concerns in another language than English would be that 80%-99% of the people here (depending on the language) wouldn't be able to read, let alone respond to those concerns. This includes both the 'Meta crowd', who is ...


On Language Learning Stack Exchange the site statistics have not been updated since 14 May. The following values have remained unchanged: Questions per day (1.3) Total users (4840, versus 4,879 according to the site's home page) Avid users (i.e. 200+ reps) Users with 2000+ reps Users with 3000+ reps Answer ratio (1.9; this has been stable for a long time) ...

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