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I'm not capable of answering the question you want to hear answered, but I am capable of not stoking any more conspiracy theories. I will state, though, I don't believe that it'd be a wise move to shutter the smaller sites. I haven't been to Area 51 since Anime and Manga SE was pioneered, but it's often the case that people come to this site looking to ...


I think the obvious answer is "Yes". SE, as a company, is very clearly in the process of re-thinking their core competencies, in ways that make them attractive to investors. That was, after all, what the whole battle for inclusivity was about, and to some degree, why they took such radical action against Monica. There is a determined effort to Prove the ...


Both the Google+ and StumbleUpon buttons in the Share dialog for Area 51 are no longer being shown.


This should now be fixed; if it doesn't show immediately: the cache is sentimental 😢.

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