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It isn't so much that only actual problems are allowed, it's that actual problems have certain characteristics, and questions with those characteristics make better, more answerable questions. Here's a major difference: When you have an actual problem, you are doing something, and things are happening as a result. There are specific symptoms that frame ...


You are not normally required to prove that it is an actual problem you're facing, just as you're not required when you're asking something in real life. Common sense often dictates this; asking on SE sites is vaguely similar in rules of conduct to asking people in real life. However, that also means that if a question gets seemingly bizarre, if it sounds ...


The Mythology site does not accept questions from fictional works such as Warhammer 40K. What qualifies as a "myth"? Myths that exist solely within a fictional work (e.g., Star Wars, Game of Thrones) are off-topic, though you may be able to ask about them on another site such as SciFi.SE So I'd avoid mentioning that. If you restricted yourself ...


The alignment issue has been fixed recently. Now the full placeholder text is displaying with out any truncation. Screenshot for reference:


As it's written in the help center it's probably too condensed and should be explained better. There is no "not based on an actual problem" close reason as far as I am aware. Therefore the statement in the current form is likely not consistent with actual usage. I recommend a reformulation based on the content of the other answers by fixer1234 and M.A.R..

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