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The solution was to delete the "Hey". Edit: This wasn't the solution. I have tried before to post and it says revisions look good I'm ready to post but I have to wait 90 min because of this question. "You can only create a question every 90 min." Now I was trying again and get the same error. "Looks like spam".


I'm pretty sure @rene will have a method to make a query that is easier on the database Challenge accepted. I've created a batch of insert statements per database instead of an union. More importantly I've added an inner query for the per database select so I could join and group on the as that column does have an index. That inner query gives me ...


Here is the query you're looking for. It wasn't straightforward because of the massive size of Stack Overflow. It includes questions on Meta sites as well, so the number might not match what you'd expect from a user's network profile. (And hidden communities may play a role too.) The query is dynamic, so you can search for the most prolific answerers too.

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