You could escape a character: http:\//example.com http://example.com


Congratulations on finding a new edge case in a class that hasn't been touched since 2011. Fix rolls out in build rev 2014.1.15.1850 on meta and .1300 on sites.


Try using [meta-faq], similar to using [meta-tag:sometag]. Things on meta get abbreviated with meta-.


There is no way to disable that, and I think that is okay (It is the default behavior on the site and in the apps). Why not show this useful information? If you really want the link, just tap and hold. You can copy the URL then. You can workaround that though. You can do that by wrapping it, in a code block for example, but that would change it for everyone:...


I disagree (with my former-self) and think this (especially the #2 item) would be a bad idea. It is fairly rare that referencing a person is actually beneficial to a post. In the cases where referencing the content of another answer is actually called for, it is typically advisable to also quote the relevant bits. Making it too easy to mention and link other ...


I'd like it too, so just for reference: as comments are rendered on the fly (unlike regular posts, for which the HTML is pre-cooked when saving), Jeff once said it's not likely to happen. Even more, even <...> notation was rejected for that same reason.

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