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Autocomplete (@-tab-complete) of a username sometimes fails

When you comment on a post (question or answer) the poster (asker or answerer) is always pinged automatically. Therefore there is no assistance needed to include their name in order for them to be ...
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Are there plans to get the @ name completion working on the mobile website?

There will not ever be plans to implement this on the mobile theme. We are actively working on the responsive design that works on both desktop and mobile, based on screen size. Once that is finished ...
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Is there some difference between typing a username and using the auto-complete?

No, there is no difference. Both will produce the exact same comment text (you could verify that with SEDE and/or the API), and that's what is used by the server to create an inbox notification. Which ...
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Tag Completion in Search Bar

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes It should work just like tagging a question, but perhaps be triggered by having a leading [ (whereas when tagging a question, it's a dedicated field so you don't need ...
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Tag autocomplete doesn't work

This was me, sorry - simply fumbled some code, and it slipped through. It was noticed immediately after the deploy, and fixed in under half an hour. It should now work everywhere.
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Tag autocomplete doesn't work

This is more of a comment but I wanted to add some additional details with a screenshot. I was just about to report this same issue. Asking a question on softwareengineering.stackexchange.com and I ...
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Enable @ping completion for all comments

My Opinion I think this can be a wonderful idea for new users to the site to explore the many features this site has since not discovering useful site features can be annoying at times. I've gone ...
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Implementing auto correct/complete on Stack Overflow

There are patterns that can be used in search of editable content, such as: lexic misconceptions "builded" "maked" "maded" "founded" (incorrect unless you are talking about foundations). ...
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Add auto-completion for username in comments when typing @

We have an existing feature to autocomplete the name in comment box. It works with Tab key. For ex: @ + S + Tab = ShadowWizard
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Comment submission broken for comments that end with @username

This was fixed in September 27, 2016 as part of upgrading the version of jQuery used by SE. Enter now submits the comment even when the autocomplete suggestions are visible.

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