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Comments posted automatically on behalf of users after performing certain actions.

Automatic comments are posted after the following actions:

  1. A duplicate is suggested as part of the vote to close process.
  2. A long conversation between two users is migrated to chat.
  3. Optionally when a user recommends deletion of content in Low Quality Posts

These comments are posted by Community ♦ but attributed to the user who performed the action. This person is then free to delete/edit them as per the normal commenting rules.

1. A duplicate is suggested as part of the vote to close process.

When a vote to close a question as an exact duplicate of another question, the voter is required to specify a link to the duplicate. If the voter is the first person to suggest this duplicate, a comment is posted:

possible duplicate of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is repeated for each new duplicate suggested, but not each time an existing proposed duplicate is suggested.

Once the question reaches the necessary 5 closure votes, these comments are automatically deleted, the link to the duplicates being inserted into the question body.

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