No, not a Badge, the Über Fanatic should receive a popup: I feel your pain ;P


This is something that we're actively considering (in fact, it came up quite long before this year's Winter Bash). It would definitely serve to reward people that do what's needed to get the gold badges, and keep going. The 'secretness' of them solves the problem of implementing badges with higher criteria than gold, we don't publicly set very high goals ...


I've wondered about this, as I often look through user profiles, and their cross-site activity. Also since the question was asked, Stack Exchange now has tens of sites, not just three. Here are some examples I've thought about; Duathlete — gold medals across two sites Triathlete — gold medals across three sites Decathlete — gold medals awarded across ...


I think there is still a need of incentives to answer many more old, unanswered questions. Current badges don't help much: a bronze badge doesn't matter; getting 5 votes on a tumbleweed tag/question is very unlikely, however good your answer might be. So, I propose: Persephone (gold badge, can be awarded multiple times): Posted 25 good answers to 90+ days ...


Badges should encourage good behaviour. There is absolutely no advantage in giving a shiny badge for a bad thing. Some people would start collecting those badges just for fun.


I think we should replace Reversal, for all of the reasons listed in that discussion and then some: Current Reversal badge encourages answering awful questions without turning them into good ones. Current badge actually encourages downvoting the question you're answering (or, in some unfortunate cases, posting "witty" answers to the questions you're ...


Comments are second class content here - as you know comments are liable to be removed at a drop of a hat, they are ephemeral and should not be considered to have any permanence or importance. As such - adding badges will only cause comments to be "gamed" for it and encourage more commenting rather than less. In fact - comments like the one you have posted ...


This would be nice, but I'm afraid it's too easy to get. Instead, I suggest that the Über-Fanatic badge on each Stack Exchange site be reserved for users that have been visiting the site every day since the first day of the private beta, and a minimum of 2000 days. Maybe also require that the user hit the rep cap every day he visited the site, too. Here's ...


You are right that the book, The Elements of Style, is basically unknown outside of the US. Many other existing badges are named with a tongue in cheek (Unsung Hero, Vox Populi, Tumbleweed, Deputy, Peer Pressure, Disciplined, Mortarboard) and as such are deeply rooted in idioms of one particular culture. I am pretty sure that no one would seriously apply a ...


This is my proposal on how the loyalty and commitment gold badge could be: Lustrum badge will be given to people that have 5 consecutive Yearling badges and have an overall score over 3k (or 5k or 10k the best amount could be decided here). In any case the score should be higher than the 1k that is necessary for the 5 consecutive Yearling badges. The ...


I think despite the common objection, this badge would be a good idea for a few reasons: Badges are different from rep @Tomas' analogy is apt. "Reputation is like money, whereas a badge is like a present!" When they award a Nobel prize, they don't say "8 million dollars should be enough award for anyone", they also give you a diploma and a gold medal. You ...


Simply put, no. Badges are supposed to reward behavior or for using certain features of the site. This badge would encourage, or at least reward, a person to post a single answer, and never come back. Or worse, create multiple accounts to ask a single question in the hopes of earning the badge. I don't see this as a badge worth implementing.


Maybe taking a different view of it will help. We're in the 1st grade, in Mrs. Applebee's class. She wears long hem skirts and always smells like peach pie (irony? perhaps). Whenever someone's cleans after they play or draws a pretty picture or helps Mr. Applebee in the garden, they get a gold star on their locker. You're very happy with your gold stars. ...


Badges rewarded for reputation are unhelpful. Reputation is already prominently displayed on SE. Badges should be reserved for things that are helpful to the site but not directly rewarded with reputation. edit to clarify: I consider reputation to be the primary measure of contribution to the site. I consider badges to be a secondary measure. Yes, I think ...


So basically its the OP's who are in charge of dishing out this badge (only they can accept an answers) where as with the Enlightened badge it is a community decision (up votes from users). When you look at it in that way I don't think its such a good idea... The green check mark doesn't really mean anything other than that the OP clicked the accept ...


In corporate life, a "turnaround" of a poorly-performing unit to a good-performing unit is hard to achieve because all the "legacy," issues involved. Hence, when one is accomplished, it is noteworthy. The same is true here. There should be a "turnaround" badge with bronze, silver and gold levels. The question must have been -1 or lower, with a bronze ...


I dislike this proposal. A famous question having an accepted answer doesn't make the answer famous itself, or even correct.


This would only encourage people to downvote posts for the sake of a badge, rather than because they honestly feel that a given post is truly unhelpful. You'll see at least some people downvoting good posts, or acceptable posts, just to get a badge. This isn't behavior that we want to encourage.


Sniper or Marksman sounds like an appropriate name for such a badge: pick a target, focus on it and be persistent in following it. To leverage educational effect of a badge and highlight that "advertised" feature is intended for long term use, I would consider awarding it after 10 (better 20, or maybe even 40) reviews in the row using the same filter. ...


Any way to get people to spend more time looking for security vulnerabilities and disclosure them responsibly is an obvious win. Not just for the Stack Exchange network admins, but for everyone using the site.


I suggest Piece of Cake for the badge name. ;P But in reality, it'd probably end up something like Improver to match the Editor badge.


I like the idea, but we need to make sure badge addicts (not to confuse with badge hunters) don't destroy, annoy or make bad stuff to the site in their path to obtaining the badge. There is always someone that put badges above rules, these people will do whatever it takes to get them (e.g upvote/approve anything when reviewing). So we need to ask this ...


Bad idea. I think this makes downvotes that much more negative, when we should encourage people to care less about them. Now downvotes can spoil your obtaining a gold badge?


Maybe I'm OCD, maybe I'm just picky, but I hate it when badges don't come in sets (bronze, silver, gold). I think that should be the case for all badges. In this instance, what about Altruist (bronze), Donor (silver) and Charity (gold).


No, I don't think that is a good idea. Take into account that badges are there to encourage certain behaviour. This badge would encourage you to write a comment rather than an answer. We really want to encourage people to write a good answer instead!


No. Badges are for demonstrating participation in the community. That means answering questions, commenting, voting, flagging. Asking is part of that, yes, but... Finding that you have a problem that needs solving is not a choice you make. You should not be rewarded for it inherently. Sure, having the courage and humility to ask a decent question is the ...


Shouldn't we deserve a badge for that? No. It's your preference. You're choosing to browse and answer questions on your phone. I choose to do it on my computer. Some people choose to do it on their laptop. Some on their tablets. Maybe some people even use speech-to-text software to automatically type out their answers. How you type your post makes no ...


Secret badges? Sign me up! :) However, my take on it would be slightly different. Don't get me wrong, badges are cool and all. But another badge is just another number somewhere in a profile summary. What users want are gravatar modifiers. That is the truly awesome spectacle of the hats. And the hats are awesome. I would suggest that these secret badges, ...


Please no. While the intentions of your suggestions are good, there have been huge problems with the review queue because of people gaming the system with garbage reviews for badges, causing incredible frustration. If anything, we need to get rid of review badges. See e.g. The robo-approvers are killing my will to review edits


The tooltip on the downvote option states: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful. Once a badge exists then people will try to collect it. I don't think purposely asking terrible questions is something that should be encouraged and / or rewarded.

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