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I own 2 silver badges at Stack Overflow, I got them months ago I think. Exactly that. You need to earn the badge during Winter Bash for it to count towards the hat. Otherwise it would be a little too easy. You got your badges on August 14th and May 26th, so they don't count.


Double misconception methinks. At least partially. Any public policy that "measures" what humans do influences how the measured humans act in the future. Meaning: those two badges can motivate people do learn something, and do something positive. Or a person just wants to collect some badge, and well, does whatever it takes to get there. From that point of ...


When I joined SE the first site I answered on was CrossValidated. After a while I went back over all the unanswered questions in one of the tags (meta-analysis) in which I have some expertise to try to answer them if possible. I do not think they were low quality answers although almost certainly not as good as I would do now. Some were up-voted. The ...


I plead guilty ... Since Peer Pressure and Disciplined badges are awarded pretty soon after deletion, you can (if the posts are later undeleted) check the timestamps of the badge with the post history timestamps. Here is a SEDE query where I only count the instances where the owner of the post deleted and undeleted it. They might have done so because they ...


All hats on Winter Bash are for what you did in the specific time range of Winter Bash, if it was for what you completed in your whole time in SE, a person who got hats one year will always get those same hat triggers on other years, that's the point of Winter Bash, to see how many hats you can get in the specific time range, otherwise it wouldn't be fun. ...


I've modified this SEDE query to show the sites where users obtained their badges. Rand al'Thor earned his badges on Science Fiction & Fantasy and Puzzling Stack Exchange. I think he qualifies. Another candidate (depending on if you consider TeX to be programming or just 'markup') would be egreg who is legendary on Mathematics and TeX - LaTeX. (I'll ...


There is no dedicated page for this, but this information can be retrieved relatively easily from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. This query shows Jon Skeet is the ultimate Stack Overflow Guru (not that that needed any further confirmation...).


Each site has a list of badges with the number of times they've been awarded. Not trying to brag, but on this site, i.e. Meta Stack Exchange, the only badge which is awarded only 1 time is Illuminator. Tenacious and Unsung Hero could theoretically be awarded here but there's too much voting for the amount of questions here for those badges to be practically ...


More of an addendum, to occasionally keep track of new entries, and (for today) slightly adapted usernames, rerun(s) of renes query, with all "2 legendary badge" holders:


The simplest solution is to click on your user profile, and then "Select your next badge". If not obtained yet, Proofreader will be in the collection and there is a bar that tracks your progress (e.g. below).


Here is a SEDE query which attempts to list reputation on 'Legendary Day' for all users who have the badge. It runs faster than I expected on this site, but we only have 15 Legendary users here: # User Legendary Day Rep ---------------------------------------------------------- 1 Jeff Atwood 2010-03-23 13:17:...

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