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This seems to be status-completed now.


No, they're not. This user earned the only Lifeboat on Ask Different for this answer, but also earned Lifejacket for it. It's very likely that the script for Lifejackets hasn't run on IPS meta yet, and even if it ran, it's non-deterministic so please wait at least 24 hours for assuming any bugs in the implementation.


This seems to have something to do not with the badge criteria, but with the badge scripts. The Lifeboat criteria are entirely a superset of the Lifejacket criteria - any answer that qualifies for the former, qualifies for the latter by definition. It seems like the scripts that are retroactively awarding the badge are not running at the same time. For ...


Yes, you do indeed. Or at least, I did: for this answer to my own question.


Does that mean the overall score of the question is minus two, or that the question gains two negative votes? The former. Post score always refers to the number between the up- and downvote buttons, which is also shown on the question list and search results. However, I've gotten this twice for two questions that have an overall high positive score (+11/-...


Since this information seems to be available only on the badge pages, I threw together a quick userscript (direct install link) to add the filter options. Warning: browsing through the 630 pages of the Reviewer badge on Stack Overflow took half an hour. Use with caution!


... when looking at the Summary of Accounts in a user's profile, the badges for all sites use the icon for the site that the viewer is viewing the page from at that time. There aren't individual files for each site's favicon, they are all in one file. Some sites use one style of badge for all three and some have three different styles. The favicon for each ...


TL;DR: no, they shouldn't work. Link to deleted posts used to award the badge until January 2012, but then it was fixed by balpha.


There's already a badge for this kind of action (albeit not a 1:1 fit): Necromancer. The criteria are: Answer a question more than 60 days later with score of 5 or more. This badge can be awarded multiple times. So what you are requesting would really be an adjustment to this badge, not the creation of an entirely new one. However, I don't think an ...


Using this query, its possible to see the number of days that count towards the next badge, and in theory when you have 200 of them, you will get your next Socratic badge. However, since deleted questions aren't in the query the number of days is overestimated. I had 207 positive days when I got my second Socratic badge. Also if your positive question ...

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