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What is a blocked tag?

What is a blocked tag? A blocked tag (formerly blacklisted tag) is a tag that can no longer be used in a specific Stack Exchange community. Blocked tags are automatically prevented from being used or ...
14 votes

Confusing error message when trying to add a blocked(?) tag

The system is not referencing blocked tags here - there is no rule blocking such a tag. The error is a result of an odd situation that has occurred on Web Apps. Currently, there is a synonym that ...
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Do not allow the author or a moderator to override an edit if it results in blocked tags being applied

With the understanding that we're talking about an edge case of an edge case... this request clearly has good intentions, but it seems like it could lead to mild abuse. The reason for overriding an ...
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Using multiple forbidden tags says about one single tag

This is really something that's turning an anthill into a mountain. One, if you are getting that message, you are doing something really, really wrong in the first place and probably need a visit to ...
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