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What does the recent blog post mean by "community-driven AI"?

I don't fully understand what it means by "community-driven AI". The community creates the data used by the AI. That's why "knowledge community" is also used, and this sentence is ...
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Upcoming research at Stack Overflow

(the issue of not giving enough attention to feature-request and bug posts on meta aside,) I'm signed up for research but I don't want to record my voice (or video if that ever becomes a thing). Is ...
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Upcoming research at Stack Overflow

Staging Ground (our experiment with a shielded experience for new users) I'm not particularly a fan of the term "shielded". It seems to lean into the false story that downvotes and close ...
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The "A day in the penalty box" needs a comments cleanup, and better curation

I wouldn't call it status 'complete' but it looks like there was a partial resolution to the issue brought up Comments were locked and an editor's note added [Ed. note: This article has received a ...
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