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This tag is for questions about the now-obsolete bookmark question feature (once called "favorite" questions), replaced by the Saves feature in 2022. For questions about watched tags (once called "favorite tags"), use [tag-watching] instead. For questions about Saves, use [saves]. For questions about the post following feature, use [follow-post].

Bookmarks have been replaced by Saves

Bookmarks have been replaced and migrated into the Saves feature, which allows users to save both questions and answers into private, named lists accessible only to them.

More information can be found in the announcement post: Bookmarks have evolved into Saves.

Prior to the introduction of Saves in September of 2022, Bookmarks (and "Favorites", before that) was a feature that allowed users to save questions (only) into a single list for later access. Every user's list was public and visible on their profile.

Bookmarked questions were marked by clicking the bookmark icon below the question's score:

They were searchable by using the inbookmarks:<user> or infavorites:<user> queries (where <user> was the ID of the user whose bookmarks should be searched, with mine as shorthand for the logged-in user's ID).

Bookmarked questions were displayed publicly on every users' profile in the bookmarks tab at (Note that this now redirects to your Saves dashboard, which is private and not publicly searchable).

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