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The technical reason is that bookmarking is casting a vote, and suspended users can't vote. That holds for up- and downvotes, but also voting to delete their own post and bookmarking. When you're not logged in, you can't bookmark a question either. It's one of the benefits of registering and behaving decently. As an alternative, you can use your browser to ...


The blue number isn't the number of newly-created bookmarks. It's the number of times the items in your bookmarks have been active since the last time you opened that tab. It's how you know that there has been activity on one or more of those bookmarks. When the number of active bookmarks is higher, that should mean that one or more of the bookmarks has been ...


It's possible (sort of) with a SEDE query, if you don't mind the results will be up-to-date up to last Sunday. Given that you're often searching for questions you bookmarked long ago, this shouldn't be much of a problem. The query needs your network account ID, which is the number that appears in the address bar if you navigate to

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