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I appreciate you bringing this typo to our attention! We certainly don't want to mislead people in our advertisements! We've made the request to update this text but I can't make any guarantees about when you'll see the change reflected on Facebook's side of things. Thanks for the quick response to this issue goes to Lori in Marketing!


It was 0 with your upvote (the up button was orange). You clicked the up arrow again which removes your upvote. So, without your upvote, it isn't 0 anymore, now it is -1.


Sorry for the UI regression. This has been fixed.


Whelp, that's my fault. A refactor earlier today on the way to .NET Core broke this specific path - sorry about that! A fix has been deployed. Nothing interesting here unfortunately so I won't go in depth - just missed an anonymous check in a permissions check.


Should be looking a bit better now, let us know if you see any others that look weird. After:


This should be fixed. The problem was as I described in the comments: We were checking if you had the close/reopen privilege based on whether or not you could reopen that post. Since the returned question was locked, you couldn't reopen it, so you couldn't see the close reasons. The logic has been simplified to only check if the user has the privilege.


I had the same copy-pasting problem on my tablet, except it did allow me to paste, but it messed up all the spacing and formatting. I was able to fix this by reset of the device to factory settings, then it worked and let me sign in from the beginning normally.


Looks like what ever changed, has been changed back. The Android app "Feed" is working again.


@DavidLongworth, there remains the problem mentioned in the question regarding the graphs in dark mode: Example: Applying a naive inversion to the graph produces this better (but not perfect) result: The best result would come from not simply inverting the black and white, but instead assigning them to the dark gray background and text colors. For a ...

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