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Seems to me that sometimes if people don't know the answer, or don't feel like answering, they decide to close it and pretend it never existed. But that's not what is being said. The off-topic reason for your first question was: asking for personal advice on "what to do" without defining a goal Clearly, that means that on IPS, they require that any "...


The root of the problem here is that the election system doesn't handle situations where users involved in the election are deleted. At least, it doesn't handle them well. In this case, one of the candidates was merged - effectively, their profile was deleted and information moved to a new user with a new ID... While the old ID persisted in the election ...


Just kicked the caches, should be up and running again


This has been fixed in the latest deploy. The root cause of this was a change to add more defense-in-depth to login. We've been retiring bits and pieces of OpenID-ish login (which includes our email/password option, for historical reasons) for quite a while, and we moved more bits off of the public internet today - not all of our infrastructure got the ...


I have to agree - it's terribly hard to pick out at a glance, and my eyesight is pretty good. Compare with Stack Overflow, where it has a nice white background like all the other textfields: It'd be one thing if the rest of the site had a dark theme - there'd be less contrast overall between the top-bar and the rest of the page, and a grey box might jump ...


Got it! This was a whitespace issue that I was having trouble reproducing in our dev environment. Thanks for reporting this! It'll go live after the next build, whenever that is!


This is fixed. There were configuration changes and the server needed to be cycled.


Cross posted from Can't select Beer, Wine & Spirits on Data Explorer The problem is the & in the name of the site. The actual error thrown is: A potentially dangerous Request.Path value was detected from the client (&). Here is my local reproduction of the error: The easiest fix for now is to change the record for in the ...


You didn't finish your code block with ``` So the [1]: is still part of the code block, and the Markdown renderer doesn't treat it as a reference. But you do have a point; the image uploader isn't smart enough to detect this situation, it'll just append the reference without checking if it will actually be rendered. In ...


As of the most recent update (the "April" one that was actually posted in May), this has been fixed:


The question you cite is currently on-hold. Questions that are on-hold or closed do not appear in the Filtered Questions list cf. this related feature request. This behavior is probably status-bydesign but I guess only someone from the Stack Exchange team would be able to provide you a justification for this.

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