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This was an unintentional slip-up. We were fixing some Google crawler errors for deleted user cards on questions/answers and a set of brackets got missed in the code path that renders attributes. That meant that this: RenderSchema ? @"<span class=""d-none"" itemprop=""name"">" + UserToShow?.ToString() ?? name + "</span>" : "" ...


No, I can't. This is because a span with class d-none, which effectively hides the reputation, etc. <span class="d-none" itemprop="name">ankii <div class="-flair"> <span class="reputation-score" title="reputation score " dir="ltr">222</span><span title="1 gold badge" aria-hidden="true"><span class="badge1"><...


I checked the logs on this to make sure, and did a bit of experimentation to see if I could reproduce. The moderator who deleted this was handling flags from the mod dashboard (the post you reference had a pending flag at the time). They'd expanded a preview on a previous post and then deleted it, after which they deleted both the question and another ...


Yuck. This isn't really my area, so I don't personally have an update regarding the ad project (hopefully one is forthcoming), but I wanted to at least pass on what I've seen elsewhere to answer your question: Is that the kind of ad we want on SE sites? Apart from obviously reporting this stuff as you did here, Sean Bave provided an update I found useful ...


Spotify was never launched in Russia. There's a pending request to launch it in Russia, which is still in "Not Right Now" status. List of countries where Spotify is available can be found here. That said, Stack Exchange did pick another host, Overcast, which appears to work for everyone.


You can only receive tag badges for tags which are used on 100 or more questions. Modulation from D major to D minor, should I go sudden or gradual? was the 100th such question, asked two days ago, and this event made the [modulation] tag eligible for tag badges. Those are usually awarded somewhere in the early UTC morning, that job runs once a day.


FYI the rep and badges is a bug. There is a fix incoming. – Taryn♦ 4 mins ago source: Let us opt-out of UI experiments on MSO Edit: So you can see my rep now..


There are thousands of these questions, posted before the MSO/MSE split. No point moving them all (can't be automated since we can't know for sure which are off topic and which are not), so best action is to just leave them alone, maybe after closing as "Specific to one site" so nobody will waste time by mistake by posting answer.


This is a terrible change. Please put back reputation and badge counts! Explanation: Reputation and badges acknowledge contributions valued by the community. They provide useful quality signals and were one of the innovations that allowed Stack Overflow to rise above past online Q/A and expertise site failures. Removing them, or making them any less ...


This is a bug Don't fret. Taryn has confirmed it, saying a fix is coming soon. And it is now fixed.


This is an experiment that's currently being done on Stack Overflow. Downvotes aren't shown on posts with a score of less than one. This applies to answers, too. Here's the popup when voting on the post (I've only ever gotten it on questions): Here's an example: With expanded votecard: See New popup message when voting on a question? for more details.


It looks like it's taking the user's site id (for example, for a random user I picked, DavidPostill on SuperUser, that'd be 337631) and then plugging that in as the SE Network ID (in David's case, that'll take you to, which is the profile of user666010). So it's just grabbing the incorrect ID on the account sticking ...


m0sa just pushed a build that fixes this. We added some metric handling in the search code but didn't have metric handling configured correctly so was hitting a null reference when running the search across all sites.


This should be resolved now. Recently we restricted access to many of the system objects inside of SEDE and the change impacted the ability to execute that stored procedure. I updated the permissions this morning and you should be able to execute sp_executesql again. Thanks for reporting it. Side Note: Another way to execute dynamic SQL is to use exec(@...


The specific post you cite is a very old post from 2012, that very roughly indicates the criteria for which questions would be migrated to the new Meta Stack Overflow once the split happens. However, a much later post published as the split was about to take place mentioned that only recent and unresolved Stack Overflow-specific questions would be migrated. ...


This is not a bug. While chat will display your local time correctly when you are in the actual chat room, the chat transcripts shown in your inbox are displayed in UTC time. That is what you are seeing here and it is by design.


In transcript you see time in UTC, but when you enter the room you see local time. Showing time in UTC is very common here for content rendered on serverside. Server doesn't know your local timezone. And the other thing is that rendering same time for all users simplifies caching.


Technically it is sorted by date, most recent first. There's just 4 'featured' posts before it. That's not uncommon for blogs to have those, the new Code Of Conduct announcement should maybe be featured to be at top.


UGGHHGXFGFZFGHH, this is frustrating. However, you can avoid having the app freeze at all while still getting your share link. The trick is to tap on “mail” and copy the link from there. (Delete the email draft obviously.) Then you must swipe the share menu down. Do not use the close button. If you do end up having the app freeze you can unfreeze it by ...


Seems reasonable to show message first time only after blur event. But then (if they didn't match) I actually would prefer message to be rechecked on every input after I return into the field. You can try it in a snippet: ~function () { var a = document.getElementById('a'), b = document.getElementById('b') var msg = document.getElementById('msg') ...

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