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That's a gorgeous idea! I've seen a bunch of users write +1 or / and -1 in order to represent what they did vote-wise on posts. AND you even proposed a beautiful ±0, and your examples are great: Could you please clarify the problem you're having? ±0 I'll have to say I actually USED your ±0 method recently. On answers, I also would like to propose +2 ...


Sometimes, if you put a tutu on a raptor... you still have a raptor. It will probably still eat your face, just get blood all over the tutu. Sometimes rants are just rants. Occasionally there's a good question we need to dig out from under all that rage. Sometimes there isn't. Pointing out a rant is a rant isn't helpful if the user's well... somewhat ...


What might be some examples of more considerate phrasing, that could actually help the poster turn their post into a useful question, or at least help them understand why their post isn't acceptable on this site? I recognize the examples you use. Sometimes, we get those on Interpersonal Skills as well. People that had a hard time interacting with someone, ...


I vote to remain using the term 'rant'. Just like the police force sometimes uses violence (a little, and as few as possible) to keep order, we need to bend the rules (slightly) in order to clearly state what's going on. A term like 'rant' isn't too offensive (in my humble opinion; YMMV but that's why we have discussions like this) and is much clearer than '...


This is a bug in Edge and there's nothing we can really do about it. When Edge encounters a multiline placeholder, it places the cursor at the lower left corner of the text. <textarea rows="4" cols="30" placeholder="Line 1&#10;Line 2&#10;Line 3" ></textarea>


Does the notification stay in the inbox even if the associated post is deleted? Yes, it does. This is not a particularly nice example, but it happened to me yesterday on this question. When I scroll down in my inbox, I see: and when I click on it, I'm led to the comment: Can it still be read in full? If the recipient can view deleted posts, by having ...


The comment is not lost. It will stay with the post, which shows up for users with more >10k rep (2k on beta sites). If the user who commented to you has enough rep to see deleted posts, they will still be able to see your comment after you delete the post.


Such a complicated search practically begs for a SEDE query. Since comments can be deleted, I've made that part optional. Here is a list of questions you edited containing the word 'code': Note that SEDE is updated once a week, on Sunday morning. If you want to experiment, fork the query, before or after you've read the awesome tutorial.


Go to your profile (click your flair in the upper right corner of the page). To view edits, click the "X posts edited" link on the right side, under Impact. To view your comments, click the "All actions" tab, then the "Comments" subtab.


You can just go to the revisions list (by clicking on the 'edited <timestamp>' link below the post, above the editor's user card), scroll down to the previous revision, and click 'rollback'. That will bring the post back to that state. You've already posted a comment notifying the user of this problem, so they are probably aware and might reply ("sorry, ...


I hope this isn't considered thread necromancy, but I came across this discussion while considering this exact issue. I believe SE does have a bit of a problem with seeming to be unwelcoming. For me the key point was hit on in the original question here: Or maybe the recent focus on comments was the wrong target to aim for? If that's the case, we'd ...


Answer the question completely, otherwise just comment if you are unsure of anything of what the Asker is trying to achieve.


You are welcome to explain your downvote like this: This doesn't consider the possibility of XYZ or this I tested this and it doesn't even compile or whatever else you want to say. It should be "specific guidance" and not "what a stupid answer I can't believe you spent five minutes typing that". Such comments will be flagged. But start that specific ...


This should be status-completed now, according to balpha ♦'s answer: As of about a month ago, these characters are no longer inserted, since comments are no longer laid out with a <table> (and the table layout algorithm was what prevented fixing overflow in any other way).


This has all been a bit of a... Well, in English we refer to it with a phrase that begins with "cluster". Let's call it a "cluster headache". Anyway... The string "reproducible" should now appear only a few times in the entire codebase. You may find them with a search query like this: (es, ...


Nah, joking doesn't serve any purpose. Posts should be all serious. And complete and argumented, not some one-liner.


Its worth remembering the goal of posting an answer is to share knowledge I sometimes use humour in my posts - but I always try to remember that that needs to serve answering the question. Its tempting to be too clever but you're not as smart as you ever think you are. When in doubt of how its going to be taken - its worth taking a fully serious, to the ...


From a random internet dictionary: Facetiousness is a quality of joking around, or treating serious subjects in a humorous way. Your facetiousness might make it hard for your friends to take you seriously. A stand-up comedian's facetiousness can be seen in her tendency to be sarcastic, or to playfully joke about serious issues. The facetiousness of ...


I agree; sometimes comments mention another site but also provide other guidance, like "X is on topic there but they have special requirements; see (help link)". Let's treat comments that link to the current site the same way we treat comments containing certain magic words: a single flag deletes them. Yes, this means that "you should post this on X" gets ...

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