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How on earth can this proposal be only at 29% definition when it has over 200 commits?

If you click on "more info" in the side bar, you will see why: Specifically, the reason that it is 29% is because you only have 29% of the necessary users with at least 200 rep on another SE site. ...
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Is commitment necessary to participate in beta (as of June 2015)?

Will I be unable to participate in the beta if I don't commit? That used to be the case. Currently, you can go to the Area 51 proposal - once it has launched as a private beta there will be a link ...
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What does "referred" mean in the commitment phase page in Area 51?

This is coming from the first stage of the proposal, definition, where it gathers followers. In the definition page of the proposal, there is a Share This link: Clicking it gives a link you can ...
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What can be done to keep users active in the commitment phase?

You can keep users engaged via Area51 Chat not everyone may actively use it, but many will peek in and if the room has some activity it will let users know that interest still exists. This would be in ...

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