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4 votes

Unrecognized email address in the settings of community digests

Should I worry if my account has been hacked? There is no way for anyone here to tell you if you were 'hacked' or not. You could've just misremembered which e-mail you entered, which is much more ...
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4 votes

Is there a way to get "newsletter" digest of "good to knows" continuously active questions/answers?

The Community Digests feature seems like it could more or less fit this purpose for you; it's a weekly email that contains both new and old highly-rated questions from a specific Stack Exchange ...
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3 votes

Newsletter says to cast a vote "by" the date of the end of the nomination phase instead of after

As of January 30th, 2023, the default newsletter text for the nomination phase has changed to If you would like to run in this election, please nominate yourself by {StartDate} The text remains as ...
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3 votes

Synonymize/merge [newsletter] into [community-digests]

I agree. However, I think it would be a little easier to get a moderator of this site to merge the existing newsletter into a new community-newsletter tag, and just check the box to to keep ...
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