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On select meta sites, you can submit a question you like, which will be voted on by the rest of the community. With enough votes (+6 net score), the question will be shown as a “Community Ad” on that Stack Exchange site (and others, if you want). For example, see ELU’s Community Ads for 2021.


Not to mention the good effect it would have on new comers, who often treat this site too lightly. As new users, we don't know even where to start looking... Usually, the help center is the best bet: It has pages for what is/isn't on-topic, and on how to write a good question. A site's meta is also a great place, as it often holds discussions on what is ...


Way back in the day we started salting Gravatar image URLs, but only for new users. Older users do not have a salted Gravatar URL. Today we performed a backfill so we can drop an old column Users.Email which contains an email address only used for this purpose but we didn't take into account that users created prior to August 2013 would not have salted URLs. ...


Strangely, from the edit profile menu, it looks right (just clicked the "Change picture" button and did not change which one was selected): Gravatar bug? blame-caching? ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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