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Feature request: append text of Contact Us submission when sending auto-response

We cannot do this. Because we don't validate the email address being typed into the box, sending the message back allows someone to utilize our contact form as a method of spamming other users by ...
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Is it right to share screenshot from MDN documentation?

It's fine to quote excerpts from them, but make sure you follow our attribution guidelines. See the Help Center's page on how to reference material written by others. Also, if your entire answer ...
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6 votes

Is it right to share screenshot from MDN documentation?

The MDN content are basically meant to be shared. It's fine to share and quote them, but make sure you add a link back. Note that some of the older code snippets are shareable under the MIT license ...
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Sort user's posts based on content length

There is no sort option for content length on the website, so we'll have to resort to other methods like the Data Explorer. This query lists your lengthiest answers on Ask Different, including the ...
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Supposed SE is acquired and shut down, then we lose all the knowledge contained here?

Suppose that happens. Thank goodness Stack Exchange thought about that already and planned for it by producing a quarterly data dump hosted at, containing all the posts, their history, ...
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