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Finding my upvotes on Data Explorer

Votes are anonymous by design so there's no public record of your (or anyone else's) votes. If you upvoted a post you'll have to log in and check on the site itself via the votes tab in your profile. ...
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SQL query used to calculate staff escalation statistics doesn't take into account different tag names for international sites

Thanks for the report, I have updated the query and it now includes non-English sites: (that the tags don't render is another SEDE bug)
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Search for comments on posts with a certain tag based on a keyword

You can cut back on an extra join because PostTags has the PostId and you don't seem to project any attributes from the Post table. Furthermore improve the LIKE performance with a COLLATE instead of ...
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Search for comments on posts with a certain tag based on a keyword

I think I've cracked this one, and I've got a few tips to offer that might be able to help with speeding up SEDE queries for you in the future as well. Here's my modified version of your query: ...
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Add option to download a message in SEDE

As Karl Knechtel mentioned in a comment, one can use the Inspect feature of one's browser to copy the message. E.g., in Chrome: F12, then:
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