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Increase max SEDE query running time

The question is: By how much seconds does it need to increase? I would be very hesitant with allowing a very scarce resource to be over-utilized by both anonymous and registered users. I strongly ...
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How can I search for tags with that include a specified string in their Usage Guidance?

In SEDE, the Tags table has a column ExcerptPostId which references the Posts table. That limits the Posts table well enough that a full body search is possible, and the resulting query is relatively ...
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4 votes

What is going on with SEDE (and SO)? Can it be used only after the weekly update ends?

Looks like it's status-completed, was fixed by a silent developer 6-8 hours after being reported.
1 vote

Please provide a way to download SEDE data via an API

There is no official API as Glorfindel mentioned here. The best options right now are: download the data for your respective websites from the Stack Exchange Data Dump and use it in your app. use the ...
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1 vote

Any plans for a Data Explorer for Area 51?

As was shared here in 2013, the Area 51 Database and code are still very different from the rest of the Stack Exchange. So, to that end, this request is declined. Similar to what Robert had said back ...
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