This information does not seem to be included in SEDE. However, if all you want is to search questions whose duplicates list has been edited then the following stub may help you. The PostLinks table contains information about the current duplicate(s), while the most recent PostHistory entry with type 10 contains the initial duplicate list. (It can be a ...


Here is an attempt to break down all zero-scoring posts. The query does have a graph but it's not really informative. The first column says 'Votes' but it's actually the number of upvotes, which equals the number of downvotes. The vast majority are posts which haven't been voted on at all:


Interesting question, and I found this discussion on Meta that's not exactly the same but similar. The answer (made over six years after the question was asked!) includes a Data Explorer query. You can access a Music version of this query here. I'm not familiar enough with the code (and it's frankly too late for me to think about it now), but it seems one ...

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