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Why does the SEDE ReviewTaskResults table not include user data, which is all public anyway?

This was answered by Jon Ericson in a comment to this question: We've taken a very cautious approach to releasing potentially private data. When it comes to SEDE, I'm always a little worried that ...
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How can I see the number of questions that a given user voted to close but got later reopened by someone else?

This SEDE query should do the job - at least for questions which were actually closed by the given user (close votes may age away). You have three questions here which fit the bill: I don't need to ...
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What site should I post a question about an error given from a SEDE (Stack Exchange Data Explorer) query?

In general SE sites are not well suited for tutoring and that goes for MSE as well. SQL has been around long enough that many sites contain valuable info to get you out of the weeds. To be successful ...
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Strange new database 'Data.StackExchangePOC' is messing up cross-site SEDE queries

Sorry, this was me, and it is now fixed. Before going on vacation this past weekend, I had started work on a mini-project to enable developers to test Data Explorer locally. To be portable, we can't ...
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Strange new database 'Data.StackExchangePOC' is messing up cross-site SEDE queries

The issue has been fixed. The database Data.StackExchangePOC is gone and cross-site queries are working fine without having to use rene's workaround.
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Strange new database 'Data.StackExchangePOC' is messing up cross-site SEDE queries

While we wait for this rogue database to be dropped, hopefully accompanied with an answer explaining what Proof of Concept we can look forward for, let's fix our network-wide queries by checking if we ...
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