Yes, even if deleted, the question will still count towards the limit. Proof can be seen in this question on Meta Stack Overflow where the OP couldn't post the 50th question and the reply from an SE staff member is: You have a question from January 8 which you deleted.


It's probably worth noting you won't lose your reputation from the suggested edits if the post is 60 or more days old and has a score of 3 or higher. This is similar to authors not losing reputation for upvotes on such a post after it is deleted, as documented in e.g. the FAQ and this blog post. (Source: I just scienced it here - I did trigger a reputation ...


Given that the restriction is in place so that the list won't get overwhelmed when a user account is removed, what if we just added answers to the closed low-scored questions that exceeded some positive score threshold to the queue? That way the community could see whether there is content that should be "rescued" from the questions that get ...

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