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When we first created the responsive layout, we came up with a stop-gap solution for what to do with the right navigation on narrow screens... meaning we just dropped the right nav to the bottom of the main content. It was still on the page but you had to do a lot of scrolling to get to it. Here's what Joe Friend had to say about it at the time: The ...


I believe the new layout is harmful (for those with larger screens) because the previous configuration logically delimited identifiers with a newline, whereas the newer configuration delimits it using a bit of whitespace and bolded text. It takes less mental effort to process the former. Is this easier to parse? foo: 256 bar: 42 baz: lorem ipsum Or this? ...


This is fixed. I was removing some dead code from the codebase, and accidentally changed some code from if (false && b && c) to if (b && c) instead or removing it entirely. Full context: We show a UI very similar to this on user profiles. If you find an active bounty, click on the user who created it, and navigate to their bounty ...


Hopefully the stats get restored to the sidebar, but until that happens (if it does), if you find the new position of the question stats too distracting and want to put them back in the sidebar, you can install this userscript. Screenshot: It re-creates the #qinfo table in the sidebar, so in addition to the more appropriate placement of the stats, older ...


On desktop, this modification does not help in terms of readability, usability or accessibility. First, it strays from a basic web readability principle: Multiple chunks of information presented vertically as list items (like the page stats were in the sidebar) are easier to read, scan and digest than when presented in narrative form (like they are now, ...


Disclaimer: this is by no means an official answer to the question, as I'm not an SE employee, but it does attempt a (necessarily speculative) answer to the question. A similar feature was requested some months ago at Display post asked/viewed/active info directly beneath the question on mobile The unexpected [status-completion] of this is therefore in line ...


I agree. It looks much better when the elements are float: right; instead: That way, the bounty indicator stands out even more, since on desktop/laptop screens most titles don't occupy a complete line, so there's a lot of whitespace on the right. Another problem with the current setup is that on sites with black/grayish question titles, like the screenshot ...


This seems to be live as of now. The sidebar widget has been removed and the 'Asked', 'Active' (if applicable) and 'Viewed' information is now directly beneath the question on all screen sizes. This is how the current question looks like:


Thanks for reporting! A fix has been merged and will go live in the next build.


This change was a mistake and has been reverted.


The answer is no, both are normal: Bronze: Silver: The size is equal too; 12px (that's somewhere further down the developer tools). That the bronze one (and the gold one) appear to be bolder than the silver one is an optical illusion, just like the checker shadow illusion (though there are probably better examples).


This issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.


Put asked/viewed/active stats under the title, with subtle formatting. This seems to have been addressed in the latest build. This is how the current question looks like right now:


I just ran Chrome from my MacBook Air, running MacOS. I joined the space stack and simply copied the first two paragraphs from your first linked question: Ars Technica's Rocket Report: China discovers grid fins, NASA acknowledges Starship program says: China experiments with grid fins. The launch of a Long March 2C from Xichang last week ...


This was there by mistake and is gone now. I guess this is status-completed in that I did change the way it's displayed but as you say, there is room for improvement in how we do these things.


This has been status-completed meanwhile: but as mentioned here, there's already a new problem with the Edit App form.

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