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These were a series of small follow up tasks related to larger projects that recently shipped: Edit button update was tied to the close flow changes. Brian explains more here. The summary tab update is a follow-up task to Question & Answer Follow. Adam included an update about the profile changes to the original post. The voting tooltip was updated as ...


We've fixed this and also have taken the opportunity to fix it up a bit visually as well by removing the unnecessary lines between each item. This also helps a lot with accessibility for folks using screen readers. Thanks for the report!


This is now status-completed with the rollout of the new post notices: This applies to both questions and answers: as you can see, the screenshot above was taken from an answer. Hovering over the number of days will show the date and time it will be unlocked.


It seems like this is no-longer reproducible with the modified display of close reasons and post notices. Tested on Computational Science Meta: The notice seems to display the lock of the duration correctly.


I duplicated this, also FF on MAC. If you look at the CSS and not edit the rule you listed but: .svg-icon { vertical-align: bottom; into .svg-icon { vertical-align: baseline; This looks fixed, without the side effects you notice: If you look closely now the text starts at the same height. As font sizes are different you won't be able to perfectly align ...


This seems to have been fixed last week. The page change buttons in my user profile here on this site appear in the correct blue rather than orange from Stack Overflow:


To me, this is a welcome feature, it is convenient to me as well. The "Next Badge" and "Change Picture" menus can be closed by clicking anywhere, so I don't see why this shouldn't be implemented. I hope it will be.

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