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Got it! This was a whitespace issue that I was having trouble reproducing in our dev environment. Thanks for reporting this! It'll go live after the next build, whenever that is!


As of the most recent update (the "April" one that was actually posted in May), this has been fixed:


I agree in principle that something should be done to address this contrast issue, in particular for those who do have problems distinguishing the colours. However, it's not as simple as just darkening the light-blue highlight. (If you want to skip past all of my analysis, my suggested highlight colour is at the bottom of this post.) The WebAIM Contrast ...


One of the comments asked about clarification on why this should be implemented. SE already has direct links to questions, answers, and comments, but after that, navigation gets fuzzy. For small posts, this isn't a problem. It's easy to scroll down and find the relevant chunks of information. However, for the bigger ones, where there's lots of text, it's ...

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