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It's actually a MathJax formula, not a Unicode issue. The source of the MathJax formula gives us: \def\x#1{\smash{\rlap{\hskip{-10em}\style{transform-origin: center middle; display: inline-block; transform: rotate(#1deg); padding: 3em}{\huge{\color{red}{~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\text{Too late...}~\text{...far too late...}}}}}}} \def\y#1{\x{#1}\x{-#1}} {\y{10}\y{...


I'm a big fan of debugging things. The foreword to Painless Project Management mentions this, and is available online. An excerpt: And so, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, if you’re a restaurant, and you want to thrive, you have to carefully debug everything. You have to make sure that there’s always someone waiting to greet guests. This ...


Thanks for pointing this out! This was actually supposed to have padding on both the top and the bottom but another rule was canceling it out. It should look cleaner now.


Clicks on the delete button worked just fine... Next time, flag the post for moderators to delete the comment.


It was a bug in the CSS after all, due to the inspection. It felt like, as a website enthusiast, that the CSS that references the text in the positive rep which is green is overriding the text inside the special case for bounties which is white to avoid what happened today. After I inspected, turns out it is the case, and the problem is now figured out. The ...

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