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I don't consider myself a geek (I don't feel I'm smart enough) 😄 but I like the visual design: Greetings Earthlings. 😄 But I was more concerned with learning about what the section had to offer, offering suggestions, etc. So there's at least one woman who likes the visual design of Area 51. ;)


As of the most recent update (the "April" one that was actually posted in May), this has been fixed:


One of the comments asked about clarification on why this should be implemented. SE already has direct links to questions, answers, and comments, but after that, navigation gets fuzzy. For small posts, this isn't a problem. It's easy to scroll down and find the relevant chunks of information. However, for the bigger ones, where there's lots of text, it's ...


Got it! This was a whitespace issue that I was having trouble reproducing in our dev environment. Thanks for reporting this! It'll go live after the next build, whenever that is!


I agree in principle that something should be done to address this contrast issue, in particular for those who do have problems distinguishing the colours. However, it's not as simple as just darkening the light-blue highlight. (If you want to skip past all of my analysis, my suggested highlight colour is at the bottom of this post.) The WebAIM Contrast ...


Chat dosen't have a responsive design yet. I'm pretty sure it dosen't run on the stacks front end framework, though I suppose that might end up being an eventual goal. If you switch to 'desktop' mode once, that's remembered - I use some main sites on desktop mode on a phone, even before responsive design and in some respects the 'simplified' mobile view ...


There is a brief discussion in chat about this but, what happens when a post is quoted, as described in the section of the FAQ titled "How do I format my messages", is that certain types of posts are oneboxed. The square box with a number in it is the number of upvotes that the post has received, in the case of a deleted post it's NULL, while those with ...


While I agree, that the visual effect is nice, I doubt this will be fixed/changed for these reasons: It's abuse of formatting. As Cody Gray already said, this uses a combination of markup, that is not intended for this task. This might lead to accessibility problems for users who can't use a standard browser. It is unnecessary. You can use normal headings ...


Sorry about that. We rolled out a substantial refactoring of our JS (including converting some of it to Typescript), and evidently a few things got missed. We've rolled back the change in order to investigate and re-test.


This doesn't seem to be a bug at all. The colour schemes match the sites - meta is more muted. If you have a look at any notifications on meta sites - they use that muted palette. The election is for the site as a whole, it's not a separate election for main and meta - so the notifications point to the same link, no matter whether you see the notification ...


Although this doesn't apply to answers, questions that are on hold have [on hold] appended to their titles. I don't see why questions that are deleted should not have [deleted] appended to their titles. (Granted, this would rarely be seen—but it's always seemed odd to me, for consistency if nothing else, that this isn't done.) As for all posts in general (...


Just to clarify Glorfindel's answer: post timelines are not ♦-only although the clock-button is ♦-only. They're available for the public albeit there's no visible button under each post (for non-moderators). This is primarily because it's still an experimental feature and the feature-request for adding a visible link to the timeline under every post was ...


It's just a link to the timeline of the post, shown only to ♦ moderators. So one of your guesses was right: it's a moderator privilege, which Nick has on all sites.

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