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Thank you for reporting! If you look carefully, the space is being caused by a rogue semicolon way over on the left. My bad! I'm canary-testing some infrastructure work on Meta. Fix is on the way.


As of today (I think, or maybe it was just before the weekend?), the profiles button will change into "Network profile" if there are no other communities to display: In case one has their accounts set to hidden, the link will not appear:


This not necessarily a bug with the badges themselves - they are perfectly aligned on the font baseline (you will see they are if you measure them against the font-size of the element with the reputation count), just not the baseline the eye is expecting them to be aligned to. The font-size of the badge count breakdowns is slightly smaller (12px) than the ...


This line is a disingenuous half-truth: We didn’t change the default. We’ve only removed the ability to change the default. The default was the non-sticky header that scrolled out of the way when you moved down the page. The whole reason to have the preference was BECAUSE it was the option to give us the default back. About the only time I need the top bar ...


bug The navigation drop-down doesn't change selection when using the browser's 'Back' button: It works fine with the full navigation bar to the left on higher resolutions.


bug The text in the navigation drop-down is slightly cut off: Tested on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox on Windows.

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