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Remove border from non-textbox elements when focused

Having a visual indicator when an element has keyboard focus is a required aspect of web accessibility. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2, Success Criterion 2.4.7, "Focus ...
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Why is there a blue border around focused textboxes now?

The highlight appears only when the field is focused. This, by itself, seems to be by design. Focused fields are usually highlighted to inform the user what is currently active. This is just regular ...
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Update: New Colors Launched

The scrollbar isn't dark themed, which can be fixed with a line of CSS. :root {color-scheme: dark;}
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Too small margins between user names on the timeline

I'm voting to instead make that mod icon (and other possible icons) smaller. For once, SE decided not to have some large amount of white space, and I'd prefer to keep the UI reasonably compact.
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Eeek! Footer can be broken when certain code is inserted to a post

As others have pointed out (thanks!), we had an issue with tag balancing during HTML validation. It's been fixed and the fix is out in production now. Thanks for reporting this, and please let me know ...
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Overlapped items on cookie customization popup

[UPDATE] Issue resolved. Thanks for the report. The team is aware and working on the issue. I'll update this answer when this has been resolved. Thanks!
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