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From a random internet dictionary: Facetiousness is a quality of joking around, or treating serious subjects in a humorous way. Your facetiousness might make it hard for your friends to take you seriously. A stand-up comedian's facetiousness can be seen in her tendency to be sarcastic, or to playfully joke about serious issues. The facetiousness of ...


Its worth remembering the goal of posting an answer is to share knowledge I sometimes use humour in my posts - but I always try to remember that that needs to serve answering the question. Its tempting to be too clever but you're not as smart as you ever think you are. When in doubt of how its going to be taken - its worth taking a fully serious, to the ...


I'm fond of that paragraph too - the pair date back to the earliest days of the site, when they lived under /faq. When we moved to the help center, they remained intact under /help/behavior - in fact, the old FAQ subsection link still takes you there. The Code of Conduct replaced a different page, /help/be-nice - that page never had the emphasis on honesty ...

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