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Why I was banned for a week for one not clear audit?

This was the answer, which was visible to you when you first reviewed: I think, if you try really hard, you can probably figure out why that wasn't an answer to the question. If it helps, this ...
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Add an "I don't understand" option for review audits

Qualities of a good Audit 90%+ people pass without problem 50%+ of people who fail understand why Qualities of a bad Audit 50%- people fail (might as well let a nickle do my reviews!) 50%+ of ...
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Review Audit failed when "late answer" answer is a duplicate

The post in the audit was the accepted answer. You flagged that answer itself — not a duplicate answer, since in all likelihood no such duplicate was ever posted — and, of course, if it ...
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How to contest a review ban?

You contest a review ban by posting your question about the issue, together with a link to the disputed review, on the meta of the site where you've received your review ban. In your case, that's ...
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Review Triage: How to protest against an audit?

While I'm in full support of a way of disputing audits, that was actually a pretty good audit. The post was spam, and you should not have edited it. The link went to an Iranian commerce site and had ...
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Review ban reason and warnings

This was a manual ban by a moderator. That is the only way to get a review ban without failing audits. This is also why you didn't get a warning. Moderators don't have to give warnings to bad ...
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Review ban reason and warnings

does this message means I was ban by moderator? Yes, you were manually banned by a moderator when he somehow noticed that review you made (maybe via a flag, maybe be change), this explains the delay. ...
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Review Triage: How to protest against an audit?

Without the link, and the "Friends if anyone knows please advise. Thanks." what you have left is an essentially worthless question. Assuming it was on Stack Overflow, what language? What context? (web?...
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Add an "I don't understand" option for review audits

I'd like to add here my vision (transferred from meta SO), maybe this 6-year old question is re-visited by anyone having the power to trigger the change. For many reasons, it would be handy to have an ...
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What happens when I click: I do understand?

I would like to know if there's any other mechanic behind any of the "I understand" buttons? No, it just moves you to the next review item. While the text might be controversial, the I understand ...

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