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You are welcome to explain your downvote like this: This doesn't consider the possibility of XYZ or this I tested this and it doesn't even compile or whatever else you want to say. It should be "specific guidance" and not "what a stupid answer I can't believe you spent five minutes typing that". Such comments will be flagged. But start that specific ...


There's generally no bot running on Stack Overflow that downvotes questions based on certain criterion. In this case, it appears there's a comment on your original question that potentially explains the downvote. Also, voting to close a question doesn't automatically downvotes it. Downvoting is done by system when the post is flagged (generally as spam).


Before you post a question on any Stack Exchange site, it's good to check the Help Center article What topics can I ask about here?: Some questions, even if they appear to fit into one of the above categories, may still be off-topic or a poor fit for this format: ... finding or recommending products or services, including tools, libraries or ...

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible