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Something that surprisingly isn't mentioned in any of the Answers is the fact that if the question is deleted you get your rep back. In other words, if enough people down-vote the question, this generally results in the question being deleted by the questions author, assuming the author is still able to delete the question. I my experience, I tend to get ...


There exist 2 active lists: https://* https://* https://* has a limit on the number downvotes, as Tim Stone mentions in their answer. https://* has no limit.


Technically you can. I prefer you, and many others, don't. Or at least not at the first downvote. You say: I always ask why my question got down-voted in the question's comments. Don't do that. That is not where comments are for. It is noise. I've flagged the two comments you left under the same question. Use comments only to clarify the post. A vote ...


Downvoting on "Question" - GUI proposal I think that down-votes are more important as they can give the users asking the question the opportunity to work on their question to make it more suitable for an answer. It could also indicate that this is not the right place to ask this type of question. I can imagine that down vote list could be dynamic, site ...

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