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If a question is not off-topic I see no reason to migrate it. Also it is unclear what you want to happen. A mod is not going to judge if your question is a better fit for Computer Science or Math. You have to convince them with proper guidance and a single task. Mods do not think for you. They click buttons on our behalf. Unclear flags should be declined. ...


My ReduceClutter userscript converts the "duplicate list edited" entry in question revision history pages into two lists. This makes it clearer which links were added/removed, as well as the new sort order (if it was re-ordered):


I propose that the list be modified to something similar to what my ReduceClutter userscript already implements, and it is clearer which link was removed/added, and the new sort order (if it was re-ordered):


If I have a "Am I doing it right" question that pertains to the topic above and is not covered by any of the existing answers, I can't post it as New answer 4: you can also do D, as I am not 100% positive it is a correct solution. If you just have a conjecture, that this could be another answer, then it's not ready for posting (we want to have ...

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